Why You Should Grow Mustard Greens In Your Herb Garden 2021: Introducing Their Types, Use And Benefits

Southern Giant Curled Mustard Seeds

Growing mustard greens in your herb garden complements your kitchen’s basic needs. Mustard was long known and used for its medicinal properties. Mustard seeds paste is used in sandwiches and to season Indian curries.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

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✅ Best Mustard Greens Seed, Southern Giant, Heirloom

Very hardy plants that taste fabulous. – The good news is Mustard Greens Seed arrived earlier than expected. This is a very robust plant! The seeds germinate quickly and take off. It is almost too much produce. Produced a hardy little crop that tasted superb! Would definitely purchase again! The seeds are fast the germinate. Strong seedlings.

The entire plant can be eaten – flowers, seeds and, roots and leaves. In India, the mustard herb is used to make spicy curry. “Sarso ka Sag” is an Indian curry made of fresh mustard greens eaten with butter. The leaves can be grown and eaten in any season. The leaves may taste bitter in summer. Mustard flowers are a delicacy in salads. Garlic mustard variety tastes very pungent. You cause the roots and they taste like horseradish. Because of their yummy taste, they are the Chef’s favourites.

MUSTARD TENDERGREEN (Mustard Greens / Tendergreen Komatsuna) Brassica Rapa Komatsuna

MUSTARD TENDERGREEN (Mustard Greens / Tendergreen Komatsuna) Brassica Rapa Komatsuna

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✅ Best Spinach Mustard Tendergreen

Those must have been new seed! – Those seeds germinated very fast and now I’m looking forward plants to be full grown. Those seeds must have been new seeds and there were so many!!! It is a great deal.

The Spinach Mustard Tender Green is edible and the raw leaves are awesome in salads. As the name suggests they can be eaten like raw spinach or relished in stir fries. The flavour of this mustard green is like cabbage and oriental mustard but it is mild and not pungent. The green leaved are high in vitamins A and C. They are great for your herb garden because they attract beneficial bees and birds to your garden. They can also be grown in containers easily.

Microgreenz Hippy Van Kit (Yellow)-super Easy to Grow Microgreens in 10 Days! It’s Fun and Fascinating to Watch These Nutrient Packed Mini Veggies Grow Right in Your Window… They Look Awesome, Too! Hippie Salad Mix Contains Chrysanthemum Green, Mustard & Flowering Brassica.

Microgreens are plant shoots that can grow as fast as 10 days in your windowsill or indoor herb garden that has adequate sunlight. These mini greens have 4 to 40 times more nutrients than their fully-grown counterparts. They are best when eaten fresh and raw.

These small green sprouts brighten up the recipes with a burst of penetrating flavours and aromas. Vivid and bright they can cheer and cuisine with their crispy zest and taste. The vibrant textures transform any dull meal to a nutrient and fiber rich gourmet experience. It has to be eaten fresh and raw.

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