What Is Herbes De Provence? The French Seasonal Herb Mix

Every cook on this planet has a unique recipe for “Herbes de Provence” and many might have guarded their secret. However; when you Google for “Herb de Provence”, you get an overflowing recipe and it can be found in many grocery stores both online and with brick and mortar shops.

3 French Kitchen Icons Gift Box -A L'Olivier Olive Oil, Savon de Marseille and Herbs de Provence

3 French Kitchen Icons Gift Box -A L’Olivier Olive Oil, Savon de Marseille and Herbs de Provence

Herbs de Provence happens to be a seasoning blend of herbs and you guessed it right. The aromatic mix originated from a place called Provence from France. Widely used in French cuisine, you can add this herb blend to a variety of dishes.

It is quite simple to prepare your own combination of this mixture.

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 Love Herbes de Provence – Love Herbes de Provence and this is a good one. Like the little pot. Not sure how to use it. I spread it on a piece of turkey tenderloin and baked. And added to Cannellini bean salad. Update: Turned out my favorite use for it was rolling a log of plain chevre in it till covered. Wonderful.

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My god, this is good stuff – This took my lunchtime chicken caesar salad to the next level. Usually I season a chicken thigh or chicken breast with salt and pepper, glaze it with a tablespoon of caesar dressing, and then cook it over high heat for a few mins. Today, I seasoned with S&P and this stuff and cooked it in a tablespoon of ghee instead. Delicious!!! I almost did a double take when I tasted it, it was just that good. Added some of this seasoning to the salad as well.

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