What Are Sorrel Herbs? Learn About Their Types And Usage An Your Herb Garden 2022

Growing the sorrel herb in the garden is the easiest task, curtailing the growth is the difficult part. You will be amazed how resistive this plant is – it occurs in meadows, woodlands, wilderness, and in your garden.

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I actually learnt about this herb accidentally when I saw wild growth in my garden. Unfortunately, I had been pulling this herb thinking it is a weed. After happening to read about this wild, sour herb and doing some research on the photos from the internet, I understood that the plants were not actually weeds they were edible. I tried tasting it and found that I liked the lemony taste.

I really did not have to grow this herb in my garden. Wherever I put my eyes upon, this mischievous herb is already present. I took a photo of the wild sorrel and matched with the images on Google to conclude that it was indeed wood sorrel. The photo on this page is from my garden where I put my leisure hours, the effort is quite rewarding and I am looking forward to growing more herbs.


The appearance of garden sorrel is similar to shamrock a 3 leaf clover but there is a stark difference. The shamrock leaves seem to be concentrated even after they have grown fully but the leaves of sorrel grow apart.

I came across many common names of sorrel of which the prominent ones are –

Common Sorrel or Garden Sorrel
French Sorrel
Sheep Sorrel
Wood Sorrel

Garden Sorrel whose botanical name is Rumex acetosa is an herb that grows mostly in spring and has lemon-like flavor. The blooms are red and the foliage is dark green. The garden sorrel is used in salads and dressings. It tastes delicious in soups too.

Wood Sorrel – The botanical name of this herb is Oxalis acetosella, a sour herb that is mistaken for weed. It has small heart shaped leaves that grow in group of three resembling a clover. The blooms of this herb vary from white, pink to yellow depending upon the species. Not surprisingly there are numerous species under genus “Oxalis”.

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