What Are Herbs? The Essentials Of Knowing Different Types And Uses 2021

I grew up with trees, herbs, and shrubs. I developed a love and admiration for nature and its abundant bounty of greens. I am an herb enthusiast and love to use them in culinary dishes and naturopathy. I am using herbs in alternative therapy and they are an essential part of my life.

For me, a garden is a place free from tension and solitude offers a place of respite. I am a garden enthusiast and love planting trees. I have a small garden of which one part is dedicated to growing herbs.

My love for plants, flowers, and trees grew as I grew older. I have taken inspiration from my Dad’s flower and herb garden. My little garden has herbs that I use to prepare tea and local cuisines.

What Are Herbs?

Herbs are plants that provide aroma and flavour to otherwise bland food. They do not grow as tall as trees and shrubs but do require space, sunshine, and care. The key ingredient of herb plants used in most cuisines is the leaf.

The stem and root of herbs are used in spices and medicines. Most herb plants are easy to grow from saplings and seeds. Some often live beyond one season and continue to provide fresh herbs, others need to be planted every year. Fresh organically grown herbs are full of aroma and they make the meals delectable and delicious. Scrumptious meals that delight from your fresh aromatic herbs coming straight from your kitchen herb garden are really appetizing, besides giving the essential nutrients and antioxidants that are necessary to the body.

Ancient Egyptians were known to harvest the herbs and Ayurveda describes more than 200 species of the herbs that were used in form of medicine. Herbs are used as alternative therapy, rejuvenation, and medicine for a long time. If you are not using herbs, you are certainly missing something.

What Are The Different Types Of Herbs Their Classification?

Categorizing herbs depends upon the usage; there are many ways in which different types of herbs can be classified. You can really appreciate that they can be used in many different ways and that suggests that classification is as per the requirement of the gardener who wants to grow them or the herbalist who wants to utilize its many health benefits.

Classification of herbs can be based on –

  • Types of herbs that have different healing and spiritual power
  • Types of herbs that are used in medicines according to their active constituents
  • Types of herbs that flavor culinary cuisine
  • Types of herbs that are classified due to their specific properties
  • Types of herbs that can be divided as per their usage criterion
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The most popular way to categorize herbs is in following manner –

  • Culinary Herbs
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Ornamental Herbs

Categorizing herbs based on their properties can be done in following manner –

If you are an herbalist and use herbs for alternative therapy you would certainly like to categorize them in medicinal herbs and use their medicinal properties such as-

  • Anti-inflammatory Herbs
  • Antiseptic Herbs
  • Antifungal Herbs

If you are interested in gardening, you will perhaps classify them in this order :

You will certainly be most interested in growing organic herbs that employ organic and natural gardening techniques.

Benefits of Herbs

The benefits of herbs are many fold. They are used in beauty, medicine and cooking. They can be dried and powdered for their usage as spices. The juices of herbs are healthy, they are used in herbal tea concoctions. They provide essential nutrients; many herbs are used in hair oil and conditioner. Creams, lotions and face scrubs use fruits and herbs for the aroma and soothing, cooling effect/

They are used as bases or carriers for scents and deodorants. Tinctures are used for medicine and ointments. Most of them have antioxidant properties, they prevent free radicals to play havoc in our body. They have the capability of reducing the harmful formation of compounds that are fattening.

Most of them are easily affordable and available in the pharmacy and vegetable farms. They are effective in reducing heart attacks anxiety and dreadful diseases like cancer and diabetes.

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