3 Useful Geeky High Tech Gifts For Herb Gardeners 2021

In this modern era of gadgets and gizmos who does not love high-tech gifts, gardeners who are geeky are bound to love these gift ideas. The gardeners who are constrained of time but still want to carry out their passion for greenery can depend upon smart systems that will ensure humidity and heat for hours designed for the plants by retaining the heat and moisture levels during their absence.

A significant part of your time and efforts go into raising and tending your herb garden, it is obvious that you want your garden to look awesome and it is only natural that you want your herb garden to look great. You naturally want it to be protected from being eaten by wild life, damaged from local animals that are let loose. In addition to; there are many reasons to avoid choices of toxic chemicals and electric fences.

There are gadgets and plant sensors designed for gardeners calibrated for automating irrigation and tracking the growth of your herb plants. It is even possible to setup and send alerts to your herbs needs by programming and providing the details of the plants and their growing habits and requirements.



RainMachine – The Forecast Sprinkler – Smart WIFI Irrigation Controller

This Intelligent Plant Light is for Indoor herbs which the indoor light is inadequate.

• Plant light; automatically changes amount of light depending on season
• Just set season once; internal computer chip starts daylight cycle, simulating nature’s clock
• 9-watt, full-spectrum fluorescent bulb mimics sun’s rays for optimum growth
• Patent-pending design; sensor indicates when plant needs water
• Accommodates plant up to 14 inches tall in a 5-1/2-inch pot

Herbs require sunshine to grow and adequate moisture for its survival. With this smart sensor you can plug the light and the fluorescent lamp turns on and off automatically simulating daylight and night. They are answers to the dark rooms and corners where window light cannot reach.

The added bonus is unlike most common fluorescent lamps, this plant light has a built in moisture sensor that helps you to know when it is time to water. If you insert the water sensor in the soil bed, a flashing light appears when the soil becomes dry.

Once you plug the device and program the seasons – summer, winter and spring, it is set and good to go. For example, for the spring season the light is on for 12 hours approximately and for summer the length is shortened.



Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

The Electronics Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler presents a genuinely extraordinary and humane way to keep uninvited pets and wildlife from disturbing your herb garden.

• Electronics scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler for humane animal deterrence
• Scarecrow detects and sprays animals in a 1000-square-foot area day and night
• Lightweight plastic shaft; metal sprinkler head
• Uses a startling burst of water to deter animals
• Teaches pets and wildlife to avoid your yard and garden
• Is safe, humane
• Includes sprinkler mount and motion detector; 9-volt battery not included
• 2-year limited warranty; measures 17-inch
• Versatile and Broad-Reaching for Maximum Effectiveness

A smart invention that works without the use of inhuman and complex traps or viciously hazardous chemicals that are unsafe for your herbs. The sprinkler works on the principle of combining a surprise element when there is unexpected activity in the designated area. It shoots a spray of water to the unwanted deterrents such as wild animals and thieves.

When the Scarecrow detects an animal in the yard, it immediately releases a sharp and startling burst of water which scares the animals away. It helps to keep stray dogs and animals at bay; animals remember the experience and avoid your herb garden in the future.

You might be an organic herb gardener or you might be a concerned parent who is worried about the health of kids and pets playing in your garden; in any case you will appreciate this simple and innovative gadget that is quite effective in driving away unseen wild animals that come at odd times. It also is an awesome option for neighborhoods where fences are not in norm and neighbours desire to keep their lawn free from wired fences and barriers that are visually unattractive.



Havahart Spray Away Elite II Hose-Free Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent

The Elite device provides a groundbreaking, inventive way to ward off undesired animals. Moreover, considering the ease of operation it is an ideal deterrent to protect your herb garden.

• Hose-free design, completely portable
• Solar powered and precharged for immediate use
• Safe and easy-to-use alternative to chemical repellents and electric fences
• Repels by a quick burst of water, sudden movement, and startling noise to chase animals away
• Protects 1,900 square feet
• Effective Control for Animals of Any Size
• Adjustable sensitivity settings allow you to specifically target any size animal.
• Use the Spray Away Elite II motion detector sprinkler to repel – Deer, Dogs, Cats, Racoons, Skunks, Opossum, Rabbits, Squirrels, Birds, and more

The intelligent sprinkler is designed smartly, it is hose-free and solar powered. The portable Elite Animal Sprinkler is made to defend any part of your herb garden from water features like ponds to herbs and mulch beds.

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