3 Types Of Plants To Diversify Your Herb Garden 2021: Culinary, Medicinal, Fragrant, Rare And Tropical Herbs

Diversifying your herb garden is for gardeners who have some experience growing stuff in their garden. It could be anything from fruits and vegetables to massive trees. Often we talk about recycling the crops, the same concept holds in the herb garden also.

Hibiscus Herb

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✅ Hibiscus syriacus ‘Marina’

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✅ Hibiscus Tea

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✅ Buddha Teas Organic Hibiscus Flower Tea

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For a bee producer, it helps to grow a flower garden, in same way a vegetable garden can be best supplemented by an herb garden. Imagine getting all the fresh produce from your own garden, it would be awesome. Whatever the quality and freshness of herbs and vegetables you get from market and grocery stores, it can never beat the ones that are freshly plucked from your own kitchen garden.

Diversify and enhance your herb garden to include culinary, medicinal, fragrant, rare and tropical herbs.

This beautiful flowering herb is also famously called Roselle or “Hibiscus sabdariffa”. A perennial herb that grows in full sun and moist but well-drained soil gives full red blooms with fleshy sepals. Butterflies and bees love hibiscus, you can also see birds fluttering around the plant. It is mainly used in tea with ginger where it imparts delicious tart flower. The brilliant red color flowers are hard to ignore. The crimson flower also finds itself in iced tea and lemonades during summer, it is awesome for refreshing and cooling effect. The herb does not like frost and particularly dislikes being transplanted. Keep ample space for it to grow fully.

Hyssop Herb

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✅ Best Hyssop Herb

 Excellent – Excellent herb. Recommend it highly to heal the respiratory system. Good quality and flavor. Too expensive though.

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✅ Best Hyssop Tension Easing Oil

Amazing – All empaths should use this. Holy grail I am highly sensitive I put a few drops on my wrist and smelled it and all the anxiety and negative energy I felt instantly left and I felt blissed out this is amazing.

The botanical name for this garden herb is “Hyssopus officinalis”, it belongs to the mint family. This herb is also mentioned in folklores and widely used as a medicinal herb. The plant gives a unique sweet and warm aroma. It is very popular and specially cultivated in gardens for the fragrance. It is a beautiful and hardy, perennial herb with bright green leaves and royal blue and purple blooms. It is an excellent expectorant and an herb that treats respiratory ailments. Its oil is used extensively for the delicious aroma. A must for any herb garden, you will love the Hyssop plant

Licorice herb

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✅ Best Licorice Cat Plant Assortment

 Good Stuff – The seeds have sprouted successfully. The diversity of plants promised gave a great assortment of plants and herbs for the garden, as well as the kitchen table.

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✅ Best Licorice Root Tea

Great tea – For loose leaf fans, there really are few options that compare with the warmth and beauty of a cup of licorice tea. It’s flavor haunts your pallete with hints of welcoming comfort. It makes me feel good, even after the day has turned me out from stress and disorganization.

Licorice or Liquorice is a perennial herb that belongs to the “Glycyrrhiza glabra” species and the Fabaceae family. It is a rare herb and has a powerful flavor, you will love this herb if you want a fragrant herb garden. It does not grow too tall but is quite impressive with its delicate bushy foliage and white, lavender color blooms. This herb protects and heals the liver, the anti-inflammatory properties help it treat hepatitis-prone liver inflammation.

All the herbs here have healing or culinary purposes. Check out how herbs can be used as tea, as well as spin some magic with there fragrant aroma, turning your lovely garden into a homemade aromatherapy spa.

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