Tools You Will Need In Growing Mediterranean Herbs For Your Home Garden 2021: From Soil To Watering Routine

Growing Mediterranean herbs are a good way of nurturing your herb garden. The ground rule for an herb garden is that no fertilizer is required if the soil is lean and normal. By lean and normal soil I mean it should neither be too alkaline nor too much of sand, A good quality general purpose potting mix gives the best results. Grow boxes may also be used.

Tuscany Herb Kit

Tuscany Herb Kit

If you are growing the herbs in containers, they do require fertilizing at regular intervals. You necessarily cannot harvest herbs years after year with the same soil, the nutrients and quality withers away.

"The Italian Cook" 10 Vegetable and Herb Seeds

โ€œThe Italian Cookโ€ 10 Vegetable and Herb Seeds

Try adding crushed egg shells to your herb garden, they provide better nutrients to the soil than mere sand. If you would rather use commercial soil mix, I would suggest you to go for bonsai soil mix.

Mediterranean regions are not all about summer and spring. Climatic changes are more prominent pronounced. Most of the herbs can be planted at the end of the autumn which is usually after a long summer drought and latency of the season. It is just the right time to begin the yearly life cycle of herbs. Or start with a new fresh crop that awakens in the early spring that follows after long winter dormancy. Either you work in late autumn or late summer drought region, the days begin to feel more radiant and warm.

All Mediterranean herbs need water, though they do not require a lot but donโ€™t let them dry. The golden finger rule is not to allow the soil to crack, a thorough watering is necessary whenever you provide them the required nourishment.

I generally water my plants alternate days if the sun is not too harsh. If it is not too scorching, you can gently sprinkle water without letting them rot in too much water. What you essentially need is lot of sun-shine to produce more of their essential oils and aroma. A list of Mediterranean herbs that I recommend is fragrant basil and lavender, marjoram, oregano, savory thyme, rosemary and sage. These herbs are best known to grow in Mediterranean climate. The healthy herbs are known to give more fragrance and flavor to the local cuisines.

Working in your herb garden is full of fun and joy. Your herbs love to be with you and they love when you are nurturing them with care.

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