Tips On Growing Herbs With Raised Bed Garden And Their Advantage 2022: Watering, Soil Mix And Composition

Raised bed gardening for herbs will work better in instances where water requirements are stringent, spaces are confined and elderly people are doing gardening. Raised gardens have produced ample harvest for vegetables and fruits; it is certain that it will produce the desired results for herbs provided the gardener takes care of some key aspects.

Water Requirements for Raised Garden Bed

Ideally, raised bed gardening improves drainage, uses the space more efficiently with less water consumption. However, increasing harvest can mean more herb plants per square foot which can increase water consumption slightly which is in a way good because the water is being used economically without much wastage.
How tall should a Raised Garden be?

Tiered Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Soil Mix for Garden Bed

Before starting your venture with raised bed gardening, have all the necessary ingredients ready. Mix properly to avoid lumps of clay and mulch. Add required quantity of fertilizer if your soil has more sand or clay, add mulch or fertilizer to improvise.

Just Add Lumber Garden Kit

What type of wood works best for Raised Garden Beds?

There are many options available for raised gardens. You can either buy it directly from nurseries or online shops. You can also DIY the raised beds. Excellent quality of wood fiber made from UV protected polypropylene material and other material such as 100 % recycled wood are also great alternatives. Natural cedar raised bed are of highest quality.

Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Trellis

If you buy from Amazon there are options for aluminium or steel post, optional trellis, decorative posts, different size and configurations. Durable recycled plastic beds are also available, they can withstand extreme temperatures and unlike wood will not rot, split or mold.

Modular raised gardens, built-in mini-greenhouses, and elevated planters made of weather-resistant cedar are also great for starting a home herb garden. Modern garden beds come complete with built-in irrigation systems, rabbit-proof fencing, and burrowing pests such as moles and gopher-proof options.

What should be the size of Raised Bed Garden?

It is important to consider the length and width while designing and buying a raised garden. How wide and long should the bed be? For the easy reach of the garden from either side. I recommend a size that is accessible for gardeners both tall and short.

A workable width of 4 feet to 5 feet works best because it allows the gardener to reach the garden soil easily. There are many tasks that a gardener needs to take care of among them planting and mulching are the important ones that involve working with the soil bed. A longer raised bed is recommended provided you have space, as long as you provide cross supporters along the length of the bed.

Elevated Cedar Planter Box

Advantages of Raised Bed Gardens

  • No special skill or expertise required. This technique can be easily adapted by novice and expert gardeners alike.
  • The quality of soil is naturally better than the poor native soil because the gardener has control over the soil mix and mulch that goes in the garden bed.
  • Since the potting mix is of high quality, your garden bed can check the profusion of weeds and pests proficiently.
  • Water is not wasted thus ensuring better circulation to the herb plants.
    Bending is not required, the option works well for elderly people. A great ergonomic option for disabled people as well.
  • The harvest is increased due to the efficient usage of garden space. More herbs can be grown in the space compared to conventional garden space.

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