Tips On Building Healthy Garden Soil For Herbs 2022

As an herb gardener the top priority is the health of herbs which in fact relates to building a healthy garden soil. Improving the quality and nutrients of soil is a continuous process.

The goal of all gardeners is to grow healthy herbs that yield bountiful harvest. There is a complex soil food web which is actually an eco-system and a chain of cycle that maintains the micro-organisms and the quality of soil. This astonishing diversity of life in the earth consists of organisms ranging from the minutest one cell bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa to the greater and visible ones like beneficial insects and earthworms.

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✅ Best Brooklyn Botanic Garden All-Region Guide

 Healthy Soils for Sustainable Gardens – This book is the best – concise and informative, thoughtful, and well-written. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn about healthy soils and improving soils. Thank you so much for this book.

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✅ Best Guide to the Soil Food Web

Great book – This is a very nice book. It is very informative for the audience for which it was intended –new people to organic gardening or organic gardeners new to this way of building up the soil organically with as little soil disturbance as possible while working along with nature. The first half of the book discusses how the soil food web works. The second half of the book discusses ways to accomplish building up the soil organically without harsh chemicals.

These organisms are an integral part of the health of soil and the landscaping process. They are key entities in decomposing organic compounds, compost, foliage and plant residues. They prevent them from polluting the water. They make available essential nitrogen for the plants. Many living organisms improve aeration and porosity in the soil.

Adding Natural Fertilizers And Compost

– The organic matter in the soil is continuously changing. By using same crops every year, the quality of soil is bound to degrade. Adding organic mulch becomes necessity and is very crucial in maintaining and enhancing the health of soil. A layer of mulch is required for moisture retention. The manure should not be directly put on the soil bed; it has to turn into compost before applying. The compost slowly decomposes into the soil and thus helps in providing the nutrients to the soil.

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✅ Best Book Building Soils Naturally

Easy to understand and apply – This is the most informational organic gardening book I’ve ever read. It’s so easy to understand. The author, Phil Nauta describes organic gardening in detail in an easy way to understand and apply to your soil. I wish the whole world would garden like this. We’d be living on a much healthier earth.

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✅ Teaming with Nutrients: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to Optimizing Plant Nutrition

 Best soil biology primer out there – If you want to begin learning the hows and the whys of soil and earth without having to take a soil biology course, this is the book for you. All aspects of basic soil microbial biology are covered here, without going too far in depth so as to not lose or overwhelm the reader. You can read this book and immediately begin using the information found within.

Reduce Tilling

Reduction in overturning the soil is a must. If you disturb the top of soil often, the eco-system and the cycle of the organisms living in the surface layers are broken. The chain of beneficial bacteria and fungi threads are disturbed. Avoid digging unless necessary, the soil can be tilled only during incorporating organic fertilizer and in the initial steps of laying garden beds. Remember the golden rule – the least digging you do to the soil is the best you provide for the micro life in the earth. All these micro organisms eat, grow and move through the soil to keep the soil, water and air healthy. They are responsible for healthy herbs in the garden.

Keeping The Soil Covered

Often we hear the tern soil corrosion, this happens when there is no protection for the top surface, heavy rains can sweep the most important cover of the soil that contains the highest concentration of organic matter. Trees keep the soil from washing away, they do an important job of saving and protecting the soil and its nutrients. For an herb garden, the soil can be covered with plants for ground cover or organic mulch. Mulch retains the moisture and rain water. The topmost layer of soil protects the soil food web chain and the carbohydrate line. Covering ground goes a long way in providing a stable environment to the microbes and earthworms. As the foliage and roots of the shrubs and herbs decay, they provide food for the many micro-organisms keeping the channel for reinforcements and new roots to spring out from earth.

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✅ Best Jonathan Green Black Beauty

 Attractive, May work for our entire yard – It’s growing —-a deluge of rain recently, so I may need to order some more.

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✅ Best Down to Earth Organic Azomite

A very good product – My package arrived early. There were no spills and the products were shipped with each box wrapped individually in plastic for extra protection which is a plus. My plants seem to love the organic Azomite because they are growing quicker than normal. My first time using this product and seller and I really like them both. I highly recommend them both.

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✅ Best LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron

STUFF WORKS – Australian Bottle tree in Las Vegas. Local tree landscape company wanted $1,500 to come out and cut tree down and grind stump. I knew there was still hope, although the tree is almost completely bear (these trees are evergreen). This miracle juice changed the soil composition to more acidic – in 24 hours I have brand new baby leaves coming out! It should be completely better in a few more days. UPDATE: it’s like having brand new trees.

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✅ Best Soil Moist Pound Pail

Great Choice – Placed an ounce Soil Moist crystals along with JRM Chemical 7/7/7 fertilizer and homemade compost around roughed up root ball of new perennial plantings. Used less water last summer and plants tolerated our desert heat more effectively.

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