No More Bare Earth – Top Tips And Ideas For Ground Cover 2021: Exotic Herbs And Aesthetic Colourful Plants

Tired of seeing the bare earth, despair not, you can cover the nudity of the ground with herbs. The lush green cover which can be very pleasing to the eyes need not be boring. Thrilling, exciting, and exotic herbs not only can provide the greenery to your garden, it also adds to the fragrance.

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Necessary – As one who is new to the idea of moving away from the idea of a lawn to a more natural landscape, this book certainly gave me many important ideas for ridding myself of the time consuming, money absorbing, environmental wasteland that is the suburban lawn. I know that I will refer back to this book as I continue on my new lawnless adventure.

Ground Cover Options

The universal appeal of grass cannot be denied and a luxurious green lawn is a feast to the eyes. However; there are many options to grow on the earth other than plain grass that can cut the mustard and meet your expectations too.

Herbaceous growth that grows close to the ground and spread are excellent for covering the ground. These herbs rarely grow taller than 10 to 12 inches and are extremely resilient. Many herbs are resistant to wear and tear particularly stampeding and exhibit tolerance to warmer climates and drought.

Herbs for Ground Cover

Herb ground covers are increasingly becoming popular; they are eco-friendly and have an aesthetic appeal to the eyes compared to the artificial turfs that do nothing to our ecosystem. Alternatives to grass lawns are herbs that may not require frequent mowing and cleaning.

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