Tips For Growing Herbs In Pots 2021: Soil Quality, Nutrients And Sunshine

Growing herbs in pots are for the gardeners who have a space constraint. For space restrained gardeners, garden pots come to the rescue. If you are living in a condominium and your apartment does not have space for a garden or a lawn, you can hang these beautiful pots on the patio. You can also place them on the floor. Hanging them can free your space further.

Growing herbs in pots is simple. For potting plants, it is essential that the soil is of good quality. Herbs do not require a large supply of fertilizers, however; you can freely use organic kitchen waste as mulch. The portions of vegetables that include stem and skin can be excellent fertilizers for herbs.

Pots can absorb a limited amount of water compared to the earth. See that there is a passage for draining excess water from pots otherwise herbs that do not love moisture may wither away.

Pots have the advantage of portability. You can change the position of the pots and align them with sunshine easily. Most of the herbs require sun and a direct exposure of sunlight helps them grow healthily.





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