The Best Self Watering Planter Boxes 2021 For When You Are Away, Do Not Have Time Or Forgot To Care For Your Herb Garden

You will absolutely love to have a self watering planter box where you really do not have to worry about watering the herbs when you are enjoying your vacation. Sometimes you might forget or you might not have the time to water them, in these cases it is an excellent solution for all such occasions. The modern container boxes come in astonishing varieties. You will be surprised by the versatility of these planter boxes, they can be used in many ways – indoors, outdoors, windows, deck and patios. You can even place them in your lawn. They come in amazing sizes – large and small and the material they are made of also varies – cedar, treated wood, redwood, resin and more.

Long Term Water Storage Pot

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✅ Best Long Term Water Storage Planter

Durable and sturdy – This planter is sturdy and durable! It has more width to it than height which makes it great for shallow root system plant that have plenty babies. My spider, pothos, and pilea plants sure loves it! You can water from both top and bottom, which makes it an excellent hanger planter.

Lechuza Planter For Tall Plants

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✅ Best Planter for Tall Plants

Brilliant Design – The watering and oxygenating system of Lechuza makes an INCREDIBLE difference. That means that my plants don’t die, for the first time of my life! The design is sharp and discret and the quality of the plastic (inside and out) is very good, sturdy and the look understated. It doesn’t distract from the beauty of the plants. All in all, much worth the money!

Variable Size Watering Planter

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✅ Best Planter for Small Plants

Good Purchase – Travellers will definitely need one of these, using varieties of self watering planters inside and outside. Very good price for a self watering planter with visible water level, clear looks pretty classy, wicking is a very smart way to go for smaller pots, rather than grid.

Urban Garden Planter

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✅ Best Urban Planter

Love this Planter – Bought this planter because we often leave for a week at a time and didn’t want our plants dying. This planter kept my plants alive for the entire week. Easy to put together and looks great! Will definitely buy more.

Stackable Flower Planter

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✅ Best Stackable Gardening

Fantastic – These planters are great. Easy set up, not to heavy to lift even when filled. Perfect fit on my standard railing. These are very roomy, so you can have multiple plants in one container. I planted rosemary, Purple Heart, geraniums, and sweet potato vine in each one. There are 4 drainage holes on the bottom. These require less water than the standard rail planters you find at your Home Depot/Lowe’s because you will be losing less to evaporation.

Trellis Planter

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✅ Best Big Planter With Trellis For Support

Practical – Provides climbing support for tomatoes and peppers. Setting up the trellis was easy. Always nice to have self-watering aid for these plants.

Lechuza Cottage Planter

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✅ Best Lechuza Balconera Cottage

Well made – These are lovely and well made but not cheap. However they are excellent quality. They are self watering and allow you to easily pull out the flowers in two containers for inclement weather or to water etc. I bought the larger size and am very pleased with these.

Bracket Planter

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✅ Best Lechuza Balconera Bracket

Clever and effective – Very high quality. The straps accommodate all shapes of railing and hold tightly. Good solution for folks, like me, who don’t want to make screw holes into their vinyl deck rails.

Savanah Planter

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✅ Best Savannah-Planter

 Very attractive – These look great. I was a little worried they would look cheap or flimsy, because of the lightweight material, but they don’t. I wish the company would add pre-drilled drainage holes at the bottom with an optional plug. Had to drill my own. But overall, very happy with purchase.

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✅ Best Lechuza Balconera Cottage

Makes worry about watering a thing of the past – This product is outstanding. My daughter purchased two boxes several years ago and has had great success growing flowers and a few edibles. I was so impressed that I purchased two boxes and a hanging pot for my son and daughter-in-law. Now that I moved to an apartment, I ordered three boxes and am impatiently waiting for spring. My only wish is that the brackets (not included with box) were not so expensive. However, the ease of mounting and ability to take inserts out for planting make the system a real plus.

Moreover, the self watering planter contains the LECHUZA signature water reservoir which supplies water to your herbs as needed, extending time between watering. In addition, it comes with a specially-formulated plant substrate, LECHUZA-PON.  You might wonder what this plant substrate is used for .LECHUZA-PON detaches your potting soil from the water reservoir and provides for an important part of the soil the aeration of the roots. It offers your herbs with the essential nutrients and most importantly helps regulate the quantity of water supplied to them.

Why Self Watering Planter Boxes?

Planter box is a garden in itself. They are the most compatible and portable garden kits that can be placed either in patio, deck, windows or indoors. They are also the most versatile kit that a gardener is delighted to have. You can have them as raised planter boxes or trellis boxes suited to keep outdoors and easy to maintain. Moreover, you can control the quality of soil and the moisture for the plants. Mobile planter boxes can be moved and placed wherever you want either in shade or sunny spots.

Nothing looks better than a hose surrounded by plants and trees. Landscaping an urban home has its challenges.  If a home does not have a lawn, the appearance can still improved by the use of container boxes, railing planters and windowsill planter boxes.  These planter boxes come in amazing options, often with an option of water reservoirs. If you are away from home, your plants would not die for the lack of water; the self watering system will take care. No worries and you do not have to turn to anyone if you are planning for a vacation.

Gardeners can easily check the water reservoir levels with the help of planter’s built-in water level indicator. This helps the gardener taking out the guess work knowing exactly when to refill the water reservoir. Many planter boxes contain a bottom plate to collect excess water. The flexible indoor and outdoor planter comes with an awesome feature – a drainage plug that removes the excess rainwater when installed outdoors. These planters are portable, light weight, frost proof and Ultraviolet resistant great for annual and perennial herbs.

All-in-One Self Watering Planter

Bring back the green glamour to your deck and patio with this amazing self watering planter box. This adaptable planter brings life to your balcony; you can deploy it on decks or hang it on railings and wall brackets. The multipurpose brackets that are optional and come separately can be used to fit into the bottom side of the planter. They are hidden from the view and make an excellent invisible support system seamlessly blending in with patio and home furnishings.

This awesome planter box is equipped with an easy to lift, light weight liner that makes the life of gardener simple in many ways. If you buy the brackets and hang the planter to window, wall or a deck railing, you don’t have to worry about lifting the window box, you just have to remove the liner – plant the beautiful herbs and then reinstate the planted liner into the hanging container. The planter comes with retractable handles which is easy to handle.

If you want to cultivate your own plants at home without putting in all your time, make sure to check out other cultivation boxes or equipment you may need!








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