Scent Lover’s Guide For An Aromatic Garden 2021: 6 Fragrant Herbs You Should Have In Your Garden

A long history of aromatherapy, scents and perfumes is a proof that our ancestors loved fragrant herbs. An aromatic garden is an air freshener that not only cleans the environment, it also freshens the home. A fragrant herb garden is bound to spread fragrance carried away by breeze from herbs that emanate aromas.



The long history that accompanies the facts about our ancestors using fragrance for good health is not farfetched. Bad smell, stinking odours are the root cause of illness and health related problems. Bathing with aromatic herbs was considered refreshing even in those days.

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Fragrant herbs relinquished foul smells and masked fetid stenches and chased away diseases. Due to these properties they were extensively used in gardens, traditions and rituals.



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The aroma from herbs repels mosquitoes, moths and other harmful insects. They release pungent smell, herb oils and are valued for these characteristics. They are an asset to a kitchen herb garden. These graceful additions are going to enhance the home garden with heavenly aromas. 


Lavender herb is best known for the soft and gentle aroma that everyone loves. There are so many hybrids available and each of them has a different aroma. Of course, the pure lavender is best, its flowers are used for extracting oil. The hybrids varieties are used for candles and soaps. Due to the strong smell, deers do not like it. It helps keeping away irritating pests also. Moreover, lavender blooms are lovely and make the herb garden quite colorful. A fragrant and pretty herb, it is one of the most prominent aromatic herbs loved by a gardener. 

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Another well-known herb is the Peppermint which is actually a hybrid of 2 mint species Mentha aquatica and Mentha spicata (watermint and spearmint). People recall things very accurately when it comes to strong scents, this herb adheres to this theory. A whiff of peppermint conjures up smells of candies and toothpaste. The plant can easily grow as tall as 3 feet and produces small blooms of purple flowers. Some varieties of peppermint produce white and pink blooms too. Similar to mint, it can be invasive also. 


Common Yarrow herb grows well with attractive flowers and foliage, a great addition to perennial herb gardens. The Greek hero Achilles who used this medicinal herb to cure the injury made it famous. An easily available herb, you can find them growing wild alongside the roads and fields all across Europe and North America. Having said that, this cannot definitely shrink its healing properties, neither lessen the value it provides to the herb garden. A herb that is a must to grow in your herb garden that also repels insects.

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