Pairing Wine With Herbs And Spices (2022)

A Wine Lover’s Guide To Pairing Wine With Herbs And Spices: Infusion Of Unique Flavours

For wine lovers, pairing wine with cheese is not the only skill recognized for wine tasting, he also needs to build his expertise on pairing wine with herbs because that makes him a complete connoisseur of fine wines which is a bonus.

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A sommelier might be a wine attendant in a restaurant suggesting wine and cheese pairings, but if he can recommend rustic and bright herbs that go well with the selected wine, he is indeed a connoisseur and master of gastronomy carrying complementary skills. For fresh herbs pops the flavor and the aroma of such a combination is seducing. If you are new to the art of pairing wines with dishes seasoned with herbs, than it is time you explore the wonderful world of herbs.

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There are many wineries and vineyards that celebrate the marriage of wines with herbs and if you are interested you can head to Wineries of Niagara on the Lake’s “Wine and Herb” tour on wine and food pairings. This program allows a casual spring celebration of great wine and fresh herbs with a touring pass that allows you to visit 26 wineries.

Herbal Wine with a Twist

Make your picnic a delightful venture with an idea inspired by the herbs and berries that celebrates the wine with a mix of delicious fruits you choose. Adding herbs to berries adds flair to the fruity wine.
Using strawberries and wild blueberries in white wine along with lemon verbena to improve the zest of wine is a great idea that you might want to explore. Remember to slit and dip the berries for a considerable time. Chill them before drinking. You can garnish the wine with large Thai basil or borage flowers; they make the beverage look terrific and classy.

Pairing, Cooking with Herbs and Wines

Cooking with wine and herbs is an interesting combination that imparts a unique flavor to cuisine.
It is definitely easier than most people think. Herbs are analogous to wines when it comes to the similarity of usage; it does not a lot of wine or herb to enhance the flavor of dish. For herbs, it is the freshness that counts, for wine it is the aging factor that makes the difference in making a dish extra-ordinary.

You can try adding herbs and wines in cuisines such as vinaigrettes, sauces, puddings, marinades and many other dishes that require a dash of lemon and vinegar. In fact you can add herbs in the company of lime but wine is not commonly used in adjunction with vinegar. Start with a small quantity, add a few tablespoons, and let the dish simmer till the wine gets evaporated.

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✅ Perfect Pairings: A Master Sommelier’s Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Food

Valuable resource – This is a valuable book about food-wine pairings. It offers expert advice, but not written in a snooty fashion. It’s just good stuff for improving and innovating with the matching. It has some quick, but helpful background about various grape and wine types to explain the advice. And, it has some excellent recipes. There’s a mother lode of interesting meals and wine pairings in this one.

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✅ Daring Pairings

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You can taste and adjust the amount of wine and herb accordingly. Poultry and meat sautéed in wine and herbs carry a different flavor, they cook faster in wine. Pairing herbs with wine while cooking gives a tremendous advantage to the cuisine and flavours the dish with a unique taste.

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