Natural Pest Control For Herbs, Indoor Plants & Vegetable Garden

In order to minimize disruption in the environment, the intelligent gardener should employ the principles of natural and organic pest control. Ideas for herb gardens originating from the roots of ancient civilizations can be used even today.

The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control

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✅ Best Book The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control

Great organic book – IMHO the most important gardening issue is protecting friends such as toads, tree frogs, bats, bees, butterflies, garden spiders, and the amazing beneficial earthworms. This book is fairly easy to follow and enjoyable to read.

Organic and Natural Pest Control

The Law of Nature keeps the eco-system in equilibrium. However there are many factors that disrupt the equilibrium, one of the key members being the humans and the human- factor. The scientific approach of Mother Nature is to keep the balance of living organisms in the planet, this rile holds for your garden too. There is a natural of minimizing population explosions especially of pests. There are beneficial insects who can keep the harmful pests under control regulating the strength naturally.

Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control

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✅ Best Book The Gardener’s Guide To Common-Sense Pest Control

Great pictures, one of the best trouble shooting guides – So much information but all of it useful. Whether you are an organic farmer, a backyard gardener or somewhere in between you will benefit from perusing this tome for advice every time you have a pest issue regardless of its form (animal, mineral or vegetable).

Believing in Mother Nature’s power and an eco-friendly organic approach towards gardening, I firmly feel that using least toxic pest control ideas against the insidious invertebrates, microbial and herb pests should be effective in all urban and rural locations. Armed with the knowledge of pests from their photos and diseases occurring in herbs, you can quickly identify whether the menacing form in your herb garden is a friend or a foe.

Books offer fairly goof amount of information and you can search by herb type to identify the new uninvited guest n your garden. If your backyard or lawn in full of perennials, flowering plants and herbs you need a serious book and knowledge to combat all sorts of creatures invading the garden. While doing so, be careful not to destroy the beneficial insects, ladybugs and earthworms.

Least toxic methods that use barriers, traps, lures and repellents should be used as first measures. You can also use herbal insecticides, herbal soaps, pyrethrin dust and Neem oil for common garden pests.

Monterey Garden Insect Spray Contains Spinosad

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✅ Best Monterey LG6135 Garden Insect Spray

Good stuff, but make sure you need to use it – This is an excellent and very safe insecticide that has been on the market for several years. It is useful to have this in your cabinet alongside your BT spray. Each is bacteria based, but they have different modes of action, and control different pests, although there is some overlap.

Popular Garden Insect Sprays that are natural can be used as effective deterrents for pests. Most of them com in concentrated form and will last quite long. You should dilute it as mentioned in the instructions. The Monterey garden insect spray contains spinosad, a revolutionary product that is created using fermentation. An awesome green product, it is used in garden for destroying beetles, caterpillars, leaf-miners, thrips, ants and borers. Very useful for edible herbs, it acts quickly and is odorless. Another great feature about this product is that it does keep helpful insects alive while killing harmful pests. The beneficial bees continue to work non-stop with the pollen grains of the flowers. A safe pesticide, it can be sprayed at dawn or at dusk in order to get more leverage from insects entering your garden at that time. Completely harmless to herbs and pets, you can spray it on leaves and roots of the herbs without really getting worried about poisoning. Since it is a concentrate, you should dilute it with water and use it within 24 hours lest it becomes ineffective, therefore make the mix as per your requirement only and t will last for longer time.

Insecticide Organic Pyganic Pyrethrin by Davids Garden Seeds

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✅ Best Organic Insecticides

Increase plant growth and prevent mites – Perfect for indoor gardening. Have used this product a lot. We had mites on some of our plants but this product helped get rid of them.

AzaMax Insect and Mite Control – Organic Insecticide Solution

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✅ Best Organic Mite Control

Control and eliminate mites without making flowers toxic – Use this to control thrips which have plagued my orchid garden for years. I refuse to use any pesticides that may potentially hurt bees or other beneficial insects but the safer pesticide products are not very effective alone. Azamax is an antifeedant which weakens the thrips so the more natural pesticides can take care of the rest.

Garden Safe Crawling Insect Killer Containing Diatomaceous Earth

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✅ Best Organic Killer Earth

Best way to treat Crawlspace – Worked like a charm! I’m so happy with this product!!! The bugs are gone and no one is having breathing problems. I plan to re-treat the house in a month to keep the roaches away. It can be used for both animals and humans alike. I rescue animals and am a holistic wellness coach. I add it to horse food (my horse is 36 years old ), goat food, dog food and drink in 6 ounces of water for my wellness. I am 83 years old and am never sick.

Applicators of Spray and Blower

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✅ Most Handy Spreader For Small Amounts

Nice Sprayer – It fits my hand well, the trigger for turning the spray on and off works well, and it measures out concentrate at the correct dilution the same way as the old one, which means it works easily without any complicated calculations.

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✅ Best Sprayer For Large Amounts

Works very well – Works great! Easy to use and easy-enough to maintain. I use mine for misting and watering my houseplants. I like that the brass wand and nozzle can penetrate potting soil to water plants from the bottom with certain planters.

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