Must-have Beauty And Natural Skin Care Products With Herbs 2021 – Use These For Glowing Soft Skin

If you advocate natural skin care products you will definitely admire the herbs that are not only used in medicine and culinary dishes but also find a greater usage in beauty products.

Ancient civilizations that were considered elite in their times such as Greek and Roman civilizations knew the benefits of herbs. The Romans knew herbs like lavender and rosemary could be used to drive away foul smells; they used bath salts and scents that used herbs profusely. The beauty industry would not sustain without these potent herbs, you will find them in every product that is organic. Herbs are women’s companions; there exist many homemade recipes for beauty enhancements which are natural and safe.



Aloe Vera

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✅ Best For Soft Skin And Treating Sunburn

Great Product -It’s great for sunburns melts into my skin and has no scent, fragrance or medicinal smell. I highly recommend this product!

Aloe Vera – This herb’s potential is immense, it treats skin problems like acne and minor burns. It is also known to treat skin rashes due to allergy, psoriasis and skin inflammation. No wonder it is widely used in face packs, organic shampoos, moisturizers, shower gels and conditioners. Because of its cooling and soothing properties you will also find it in various face and body creams, cleansers, sun blocks, shaving gels and body lotions.



The mild and gentle aloe vera is used for baby lotions, women use the gel for removing scars and stretch marks too. Moreover; aloe vera reduces dandruff and is a great conditioner to obtain silkier and smoother hair.

Turmeric Clay Mask

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✅ Best for lightening the skin

Almost like anti-aging magic – After two uses I see a slight lightening to the dark spots which are from adult acne and me picking at hair bumps. Its a must-buy!

TurmericThe botanical name of this herb used extensively in Indian household is “Curcuma long”. It is used for beautifying and cooking. The turmeric imparts yellow colour to the food and is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Since it is also anti-bacterial the ingredient when used in face creams and body lotions, gives a natural glow to the face. It is also used in treating acnes, dry skin and scars.

Indians use the paste of turmeric, curds and gram flour for bathing. It is also used for minor injuries. A teaspoon of mustard oil mixed with turmeric when applied warm kills germs in the wounds. A paste of turmeric and “chandan” (sandal wood paste) is often applied to the brides to enhance their complexion.


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✅ Best Alter Ego Garlic Regenerating System

Good job – Doesn’t smell bad, honestly had a really good texture and easily applied to hair. In time thank you !!! ???

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