7 Inspiring Herb Garden Ideas For Beginners 2022: From Kitchen, Backyard To Container

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While sky is the limit to creative herb garden ideas, there is a catch, however; a good combination of soil and sun-light will ensure that your herb garden is thriving whether you are doing container gardening indoors or gardening outdoors.

Herbs are versatile, all they need is little warmth and love from Sun God and space. If you have limited space in an urban setup, use the beautiful ceramic pots, old teapots, tall vases and jars. Herbs do not complain; they are all too happy to grow in vintage tins and cans giving you a fresh supply of aromatic, culinary herbs.

Indoor Kitchen Gardening

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✅ Best Indoor Kitchen Gardening Book

Great indoor gardening – This is a great book! This book covers all the topics you were questioning and more that you didnt even know to ask. The best part is that it is written with information you will actually use. It shows you to use what is around you already without buying a lot of equipment. Also, there are no instructions for growing starfruit and persimmons, this book does not waste space giving information on things the average home won’t be growing. It is little but mighty and is written with some humor. A good read.

Kitchen Herb Garden

Designing the New Kitchen Garden

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✅ Best Designing The New Kitchen Garden Book

Great Book for Designing Kitchen Gardens – Wow what a great book! Exactly what you’ve been searching for. Excellent ideas and plans for all kinds of locations, including a city version. This books give the history of what is now a Kitchen garden and how it has evolved through time. The photography is wonderful and the plans are great. There is much information in this book. Love it!

An herb garden which is completely edible is most welcome for gardeners who love to cook. Planning a kitchen herb garden which supplies a fresh bounty of culinary herbs probably might not reduce your grocery bill but uplift the standard and deliciousness of the food you eat.

Planning such a garden with proximity to the kitchen is a great advantage.

Backyard Herb Garden

Your Backyard Herb Garden

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✅ Best Book Your Backyard Herb Garden

An easy to follow beginner’s guide…. – Miranda Smith’s ‘Your Backyard Herb Garden’ is a beautiful book to browse. The photographs are helpful, but it’s the sketches of herbs and gardens that are most appealing. It’s a great book to dream through in late winter while planning a spring herb garden.

Backyard Harvest

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✅ Best Backyard Harvest Book

Perfect for new gardeners – Backyard Harvest is written for the gardener who has limited space and money to spend on gardening as well as those who wish to maximize the garden space they already have. Maximizing the garden space to grow food they can enjoy everyday all year round whether preserved, fresh or out of storage in the major focus of this book.

Is your backyard lying abandoned and ignored for a long time?
If the answer is yes, perhaps it is right time to remove the dump that has collected for years, clean and brighten it up with fresh, green herbs.

Container Gardening

Container Herb Garden

No space in the house?

Go for affordable containers, lovely garden planters and pretty windowsill boxes that look awesome. Not everyone has the luxury of large garden, acres of land and ample sun. If you love in a congested place like a cramped apartment or condominium, you can still pursue your hobby with aesthetically designed containers which can be placed on your patio. These container gardens are made with material that does not spoil the floor, can be easily assembled and are portable too.

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