How To Grow Fennel Herb At Home? Easy Cultivation Of The Aromatic Perennial Herb 2022

Common fennel tends to dominate the vegetation and hence is considered a weed in many parts of the world. How to grow fennel herb at home is a question many herb gardeners want to know before planting this herb plant. An easy to grow herb it is a perennial plant that can be cultivated in the kitchen garden. There are other varieties that are annual and biennial depending upon the zones and the varieties.


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The fennel herb tastes sweet and exhibits an aroma that is similar to star anise. This energizing and balancing herb is an important part of many cuisines. In medieval period, this magical herb was thought to eradicate evil and was hung on the door to keep the spirits at bay.

Common Names for Fennel Herb

The popular fennel is also known as sweet or wild fennel.

Cultivation of Fennel Herb

The fennel herb is a perennial herb in US Zone 5. The herb plants like all other herbs prefer well-drained soil that is rich and moist. If you sow the seeds in the early period of spring they will germinate in about 2 to 3 weeks depending upon the soil and climate. The germination of seeds prefers darkness in contrast to a sunny location. However; once it sprouts it loves the sunny location. Once the danger of cold winds and frost is over, the seeds or saplings can be sown anytime in spring preferably in the month of July.

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