How To Attract Bees To Your Garden? Facts On Pollinators And Tips To Grow A Bee-Friendly Herb Garden 2022

Believe it or not, attracting bees to your herb garden is beneficial to the plants and the entire ecosystem.

A successful gardener is always on his toes, trying to branch out to many different areas of expertise like vegetables and fruit gardening. And beekeeping is another venture that a gardener can indulge in. If it is not your cup of tea, you can still grow herbs that attract bees.

With an increase in malls, parking areas, and industrialization, natural meadows, and ponds where wildflowers used to sustain are under threat. Bees are the noisiest and hard-working pollinators who find themselves in constant trouble. With rapid urbanization, dead trees and the natural habitats of native bees are difficult to find. This is not it, a growing number of pesticides and chemicals challenge their survival rate. We are only able to find them in protected organic diversified gardens.

Be Kind to the Bees

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The bees will reward the gardeners who will provide them a home in their garden. Out of thousands of species, many species prefer to nest in a spot tunneled into the ground, the other species make a home in dead trees and stems. They can be broadly classified into ground nesters and wood nesters. The bees won’t sting you unless you squash their habitats or disturb them in some way.

Facts about Bees

Gardeners and farmers rely on the pollinators to produce the best crops, blueberries, and strawberries rely on the native bees to pollinate. Tomatoes pollinate by bumblebees bear bigger fruits and this is due to the friendly buzz of the bees. Thanks to their buzzing sound, the pollen grains shake and become looser compared to the action of the wind. Pollinators play an important role in food crops and you should thank them for their hard-working nature because one-third of every mouthful of your food comes from their effort.

Bees Love Herbs

Herbs attract bees and as an herb gardener, you can improve the flow of honey by growing these herbs. The plants and bees are interdependent on each other and require nurturing each other for survival. Herbs can provide some of the best nectar and excellent sources for honey, however; not all herbs attract bees. But some of the herbs supply valuable resources during the period of scarcity.

Bee Balm is a perennial herb that grows quite tall approximately up to 24 inches and bees love to hang around it as the name implies.

Borage and catnip are perennial herbs used in garnishing are equally good in attracting bees. Mint, thyme, anise and all types of salvia are herbs that are loved by most of the bees.

With a little planning and experience, you can find out what works for your garden and the pollinators well. Once you understand their needs correctly, you are definitely positioned to reap the rewards.

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