An Honest Review of Aerogarden Ultra 2022 …The First New Aerogarden In Years, And A Good One!

Sorry for falling off the face of the earth since January. For those of you who were waiting to hear what happened to the lavender and the peppers, the lavender ended up growing really well and filled the house with a delightful lavender odor, but then I made the foolish decision to try to transplant them into pots, where they didn’t survive for long. As for the peppers, I got harvest after harvest of them, but after a while, I got a little absent-minded about watering them, and they pretty much dried up. Then, I got married which put a damper on all my blogging for a little while πŸ™‚

That said, I’m officially dusting off this blog to report some exciting news from Aerogrow.

After years of living with the same old Aerogarden models, they’ve just announced a new one called Aerogarden Ultra.

This one looks really, really cool. It’s got a digital display that tracks how long you need before feeding it (I admit, one of the biggest problems I had with my gardens was absent-mindedly forgetting to feed them). It also has a larger reservoir, better oxygen delivery to plants, a better trellis system, easier cleaning (another pet peeve of mine), and is the size of the Aerogarden Extra tall gardens.

It’s no secret that Aerogarden has been struggling financially, but I look at this as a great improvement. I’ve placed my order for one of these gardens and will let you know what my experience is.

I placed an order for mine, and in the coming months will be reporting on whether this brand new high-tech Aerogarden is worth it, by going back to basics planting a classic set of herbs that I bought using the Make Your Own Herb Seed Kit feature on their Web site. It should be a good harvest this year! For those of you who are hanging on, stay tuned to some old-school herb gardening!

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