Herbal Oils For Massage & Pain Relief – Get Your Own Stress-Relieving Spa At Home 2021

Herbal oil usages were long known for their beneficial effects on patients suffering from chronic ailments. Massage therapy for pain relief was also applied to people who were stressed and had temporary backaches and knee pains.

Herbal Massage Kit

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Eucasol Natural Oil Herbal spray

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Herbs were used by our ancestors to treat sick patients and offer relief from dreadful pains. They acted as tranquilizers and were used as mild sedatives; this was particularly useful in the days when anesthesia was not invented.

For people who had acute chronic pain caused by arthritis, the inflammation and joint pain were treated with herbal poultice and massage oils.

Anti Stress Natural Oil

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No more stress, nervous, anxiety! – If you feel stressed, nervous, anxious… place some drops on back neck, back ears, smell the aroma and close your eyes for a minute and breathe…. This combination of essential oils works as an aromatherapy remedy to calm you. Use it before take school or uniersity tests, before job interviews, or when you need that extra control and calm. Use some drops in your salt bath for relax and sleep better. A must in the bag, in office and in your home. After a tense workday, use in your front head and breath the aromas…. feel you calm, invigorate and happy.

Just a few drops of anti stress oil are capable of relieving anxiety. Apply the anti-stress oil on the nape of the neck and behind your ears to feel stress free and relaxed. The mystic aroma will ease your tensed muscles eliminating the nervousness. You can also use it in bath, this is guaranteed to bring you a tension free good night’s sleep.

Turmeric in coconut oil is still used by people to treat minor wounds and injuries, the antiseptic medicinal properties of turmeric were used by Indian “Vaidyas” (Doctors) to prevent ulcers from becoming septic and sore.

Soothing Touch Jojoba Massage Lotion

Soothing Touch Jojoba Massage Lotion

Massaging the strained muscles with herbal oils eased and relaxed the muscles thus relieving fatigue. Herbs were also applied to wounds for killing bacteria.

Clove oil was and still used for toothaches while garlic is used in mustard oil to ease joint pains. The oil can be warmed to enhance the effect before applying to affected areas.



Organic Arnica Herbal Oil

Organic Arnica Herbal Oil

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