Herb Bonsai Plants: Create Your Lemon Thyme, Sweet Bay, Basil, Rosemary Garden At A Low-Cost Today

Making bonsai with herbs is not uncommon. The Art of Bonsai is nothing but mimicking a tree in small form. Though it is immensely popular in Japan, our ancestors knew how to grow a plant in a small plant.

Thousand years ago, the Hindu Vaidya used this method to conserve herbs found in the deep forests that were of great medicinal value. Those physicians grew herbs in the pots and used them for healing. Though the plants could not grow their original size, they thrived in the regulated atmosphere where they were taken care of.

Rosemary and Thyme are common herbal bonsai. You can also explore Lemo Verbena, Sweet Bay Laurel, Lavender, Sage French Tarragon, Scented geranium, & Oregano for variety. Using herbs for bonsai is not only pretty but will also fill your kitchen with fresh smells and tastes.

Steps to starting your herb bonsai garden

  1. Identifying the location to grow your herb bonsai plants.
  2. Choosing the right plant by estimating the sunlight, humidity of the environment.
  3. Locating the seed or the herb plant into the soil.
  4. Styling your herb bonsai plant by shaping, pruning, and wiring. It might take years of patience to get to the ideal bonsai shape.
  5. Watering and fertilizing to keep your plants healthy.

Herbal Bonsai

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