Plant Grower’s Guide To Calendula Herb 2021: Blooming Tips and Medicinal Benefits

Growing calendula herb was the easy part for me, however; making it bloom wasn’t. I had planted the plant in shade and it really starved for the sunshine. Once I relocated to a bright and cheerful spot in the garden, it bloomed with bright yellowish-orange flowers. I had a beautiful variety that gave maroon color flowers with the yellow ridge. See the photo attached.





I would see hundreds of beautiful marigold blooming in the months of September and October; I had however- no idea that marigold and calendula were same. I was using calendula cream with a beautiful fragrance and did not realize it has such medicinal benefits. The word calendula stems from the phrase calendar and it must mean that it blooms on some significant and traditional time of the year.

"Cooks and Gardeners" Edible Flowers to Grow and Eat

“Cooks and Gardeners” Edible Flowers to Grow and Eat

The annual plant is a native to the Mediterranean region but you would also find it growing profusely in Asia. The blooming flower ‘marigold’ has a special connotation to Virgin Mary and they were used to honour her on various events. Hindus adorn the idols of worship with these flowers. It is extensively popular in India, it is a holy flower that is used in making garlands and adorning the deity.

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