Get The Must-have Complimentary Water Features For Your Herb Garden In 2021: The Complete Guide

Water features were always a part of ancient gardens in form of ponds, streams and waterfalls. Your herb garden need not be dull and lacking landscaping features, it can easily become the centre stage with some planning. By having the complimentary water features that make any garden complete, include a pond or water fountain to enhance the beauty of herb garden.


Graphite Water-Feature-Planter

A garden can contain a lot of landscaping features and aesthetic designs. It all depends upon what you want the herb garden to resemble. A Zen like resemblance requires rocks and sand which is an essential part of Japanese garden whereas a pond can feature the still life and reflection of the surroundings that can be mesmerizing in any botanical garden.



If you love the stillness of water, you can have water plants and fish, otherwise you can also design a small waterfall that brings in the sound of falling water which itself is soothing to the ears.


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✅ Best Pond Garden Cover Protective Net Tent Dome Netting

Perfect pond cover – Every Fall my pond ends up full of leaves despite using garden poles and netting to cover. This cover was a perfect fit and well thought out. It’s easy to assemble. The zipper on the short side lets me still access the filter, and there are many places to stake down if needed.

From a modest and small herbal garden, your green space can transform the existing garden into a delightful outdoor by integrating water feature in the landscape.

A beautiful water fountain that attracts the birds is a beautiful sight. Ponds surrounded by herbs, lotus and lilies can be a feast to eyes. Moving water falling into a stream also offers a pleasant panorama to the beholder.



Landscaping the Herb garden with Ponds

Body of water in essence represent ponds, they can be of any shape. People prefer geometrical shapes like rectangular, circular or square. You can also go for irregular and unsymmetrical shapes, my preference of pond shapes are oblong and irregular because they look natural. The key is to blend them in your surroundings.



They can be a part of manicured lawn or at the centre of your herb garden with shrubs surrounding the edges. A statue or a water fountain in the center of the pond can greatly magnify the ambiance. Plants and herbs at the backdrop and patio or paved area from which you can have a glimpse of the water feature can add another dimension to the design. Plants, pebbles, stones and rocks can provide for the natural setting.


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GREAT Family Project! – Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kits come complete with everything you need to build a beautiful ecosystem pond in any space, eliminating the guesswork and calculations when purchasing individual components. Convenient Welcome Kit is included as a perfect introduction to the Aquascape Lifestyle

Water Features for Healing

The aesthetics of the water feature can greatly enhance the appearance of an herb garden. The sound of a waterfall or water fountain is not only gracious to look at but also soothing to the nerves. If you have a small garden space, you can still have a container that is filled with water with floating water lilies and the magic of light falling on the water at night.



Small water features are surprisingly easy to construct; from a miniature pond to a pebble fountain in a pot, the small patio garden can also be designed to contain a small streaming cascade or a small watering can pouring the water on an area decorated with pebbles and stones. Water can be very effective healing element in your herb garden.

Water Garden Maintenance
Gorgeous water features come in every convenient size, from simple containers for patio-sized gardens to more elaborate streaming cascade and waterfalls. You don’t have to spend a fortune, nor do you need to work hard the entire summer doing it yourself. Maintaining water garden is also easy, no mulching, no pruning and no composting required. No need of watering and mowing, besides growing lovely water plants.


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✅ Best The Water Gardener’s Bible Book

Great introduction to water gardening – This is a must have book if you are serious about a garden pond. It has basic information about building a pond, but it really shines with its information about plants, fish, maintenance, and the ecology of how to have a balanced pond.


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✅ Best Encyclopedia Of Water Garden Plants

Excellent resource for selection and maintenance of pond plants – If you can only afford one book regarding water gardening, then this would be the one. You would be hard-pressed to find a species that is even remotely aquatic not covered in this book. Well written in all respects. You truly sense the authors in-depth knowledge; good for both the pro and the amateur gardener.


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✅ Best Water Gardens, Pools, Streams & Fountains Book

Water Gardens Book – The Water Gardens book arrived quickly and in good shape. The section on plants was especially helpful.  It provides much better quidance in building a pond and stream.


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✅ Best Water Features For Small Gardens Book

Very helpful illustrations and information – This is one of several books you bought to help us think about and come up with ideas for a water feature at our newly-purchased home in the mountains of Western North Carolina.


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✅ Best Water Garden Idea Book

Beautiful water garden ideas – Good Information material to start a project. Great pictures, easy reading. Complete description. Lovely photographs of lovely water gardens. Exactly as advertised, this book is full of ideas.

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