Build Your Own Organic Herb Garden: The Encyclopaedia For Beginners 2021

Organic herb gardening goes a long way in growing and preserving your herbs without the use of insidious pesticides. In fact, organic farming is one of the most popular methods used to harvest yields worldwide.


The first step in growing an organic herb garden lies in appreciating its meaning and the means used for harvesting organic herbs naturally.


Organic gardening does not use chemical additives, synthetically manufactures industrial solvents. The movement of organic farming first came into effect during 1940s when people became conscious of the harmful pesticides being absorbed in the farm produce. The green revolution gave a significant boost to the organic means of growing food on earth which is healthy and nutritious.

An organic herb garden does need some requirements and techniques that help in making the environment and the soil healthy and toxin free. A straw covering to protect vegetables waste, food leftovers, dry foliage and grass can make excellent organic fertilizer which can enrich the soil. If you have a farmhouse, you can use the sheep and horse manure which make excellent compost too.

Organic compost conserves soil, retains moisture, adds humus and nutrients to the earth. This also inhibits the growth of weeds. Organic and natural fertilizer keeps the soil healthy and free from chemicals. Organic gardening encourages the growth of earthworms which in turn provide the necessary nourishment to the earth; they are Mother Nature’s natural tillers and provide best quality of soil. Fish emulsion and companion herbs can deter harmful insects too.







Various types of homemade manure, seaweed extract, excreta from chickens, rabbits, goats, horses and cows can be used to make your organic compost. Once you are in it, you can make a steady base for an ongoing output of natural compost from your garden and kitchen waste. You will see eventually that it pays off. Not only is it affordable, it is so easy to prepare and maintain. You can also buy natural and organic fertilizer, they are far better and preferred fertilizer options. Remember a healthy soil provides a healthy foundation for your herbs. Strong herbs can resist pests and insects better.



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