9 Books For The Most Beautiful Herb Garden Inspiration and Design – Your Homegrown Herb Guide 2022

When I started gardening I was just a kid helping my father tending the lovely, demure saplings in our backyard. I never knew that I would come out as a successful gardener whether or not I possess a green thumb. After trying many plants and vegetables the herb gardener in me came out with flying colours.

I found myself venturing through garden designs and loved the pictures of beautiful botanical gardens that have distinct styles of renaissance and vintage era. Japanese tea gardens, Knot gardens, English gardens and the great Mughal gardens in India – all fascinated me. Though I knew I would never have the luxury of expansive acres, I could create a whimsical small garden of my own.


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✅ Best Making An Herb Garden Book

Favorite gardening books. – The pictures are gorgeous and inspiring, you especially love all the saturated color. Emerald green, Ocean green, every green imaginable, punctuated by richly colored flowers. The text has some good common sense advice, besides being enjoyably giddy in places: “Plants are squeezed into every corner–not a patch of bare earth is visible, and there is a sense that at any moment the whole thing might run out of control, which makes this planting very exciting.”

Birth of the Herb Gardener

As a novice when you begin a herb garden you have apprehensions especially if you are new to gardening. Anything that comes as tips and experience is of great help. I love pictures and I have found that you can explain better with the help of photos and illustrations.

In my blog I have suggested books that will help the beginners, potting ideas and help on knowing and testing the garden soil type. The articles have herbs with descriptions and colorful pictures. The photos are really helpful when you do not know how a particular herb looks like.


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✅ Best Growing Your Herb Business Book

Great book! Great advice! – This book is amazing. The book is full of important information for anyone who is thinking of starting a small business and she gives great ideas on what you can start with, and she has numerous other peoples stories in the book, of how they started from nothing and grew their business to be profitable.


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✅ Best Growing & Using Herbs Successfully

Good info on planting, propagating, harvesting herbs – This book contains a lot of good basic information on growing herbs. The sections on propagation and harvesting are especially helpful. The author starts with a list of 32 herbs that she recommends for a basic herb garden, and a second list of 32 more herbs. She does give some basic information for each herb, such as the kind of soil it likes, how tall the plant will be, and so forth. Information like that is necessary for planning a garden.

The Bountiful Herb Gardener

When I started a herb garden I had some basic garden information and small tools to kickoff. Steadily I learnt about composting, organic farming etc. As a gardener I desired a garden that is active the year round garden. Nothing depressed as much as a garden that blooms only one season –winter or summer. I love gardens that plan for all four seasons – fall and spring added.


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✅ Best Book The Herb Gardener: A Guide for All Seasons

This is a wonderful book to use! – Great book with lots of information, a pity none on European climate or for growing in the different regions but it is good.


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✅ Best Book Herbs: The Complete Gardener’s Guide By Patrick Lima

Excellent resource for herbs of all kinds – This is a great book. The photographs are beautiful and the information about his garden and each herb is captivating and informative. This book seems to have a variety of information about herbs. Would be good for any gardener who wants to grow herbs.

I could easily connect with flowers because they had so many colours in them. I was fascinated by spring blooms and watch the buds everyday waiting for them to bloom. I would get excited when the seed and sapling showed signs of life, tiny sprouts visible on their delicate green stems.


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✅ Best Homegrown Herbs: A Complete Guide to Growing Book

Great book for growing your own herbs – Item arrived as described. For a used book, it is in excellent condition. All pages appear to be intact, unmarked and in perfect condition with no creases or tears. Great for starting out at beginner level, easy to read and understand. This book is solid, glossy and well presented with lots of nice pictures.

I learnt to love the herbs because even though they had little flowers on them, they sure gave enormous twist to the cuisines and tasted great. I loved the aromas of these fresh herbs that grew in my garden, they demanded very little effort and time, and yet they gave a big harvest for sumptuous meals.

I admired herbs for their flavors that gave the tea immense taste and zest. For the first time I tried tea with various herb ingredients. Basil was my favourite and so was hibiscus and cinnamon. I also loved the lemon grass tea; no concoction can beat the fresh fragrance of an herbal tea emanating from the freshly prepared brew.

Herbs were just not confined in culinary dishes as herbal martinis and syrups; it has extremely beneficial effects in medicine. Nothing can beat the herbs when it comes to holistic, natural healing. I really enjoy gardening and hope you too find solace in it.


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✅ Best English Herb Gardens Book

Love this book – The book itself has some nice designs for herb gardens. There are beautiful live pictures of the plants including the roots, seeds flowers and leaves. Some have pictures of the seeds and leaves when dried. Each plant has a little history and description

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✅ Best The Complete Book Of Herbs Book

Great book for learning to use herbs – This is a really great book about herbs. About half of the book is an “herb index” with colored pictures and detailed information about various herbs. This book focuses a lot on how to use herbs in everyday life. There are tons of recipes, some for more common uses, like herbal soups and breads. But there is a lot of information on less-common ways of utilizing herbs, like making herbal dyes, paper, potpourri, facial creams, and essential oils.

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✅ Best Herb Gardening From The Ground Up Book

Excellent book for a beginner herb gardener, or any kind of gardener! – Well written, great growing, use and background information. Very reader friendly. Their herbs are beautiful and the staff are so friendly and helpful. If you are even a bit interested in starting an herb garden, this is a must book to add to your library! 

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