Best Soil According To Herb Types And Growing Tips 2021: Know Your Plant Needs

There is no secret for a good soil mix that is universally good for all herbs. Diverse herbs require different types of soils. For example Mediterranean herbs like thyme and oregano require completely different soil requirements when compared to mint and lavender.


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✅ Best Miracle-Gro Potting Mix

Love this potting soil – Value for the money, this dirt was in good quality and it arrived early. I’ve seen that some people have said that they had gnats in it and if you have that problem just use cinnamon powder and sprinkle it on the top of the plant soil only it won’t hurt the plant at all and it kills the gnats

By the quality of soil, we mean the pH value, the ingredients and the texture of soil. You can feel the soil by examining the colour, the granularity and consistency of the soil.

Horticultural Charcoal

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✅ Best Drainage Assistance

Worked like a charm –  this allows for nice drainage – especially when you’re in a rush to tend to your plants and may get a little heavy handed with watering. I had gnats before and this method was the only way I was able to control them.

Regarding soil types, peat mix and composts, you will find plenty of resources in library and internet. However; use your experience with the herbs while referring to the literature. Learning each herb’s needs is the key element in growing your herb garden successfully.


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✅ Best For Orchids

Decent for starters – These are perfect for my orchids. They’re all very different sizes, which works very well for getting in different nooks and crannies between roots. They’re also surprisingly sturdy–none broke when dropped (accidentally!) onto a concrete floor from about five feet up. 

Marshy and wet earth is not good for herbs, avoid muddy soil that does not provide oxygen to the roots, the herbs need air and if they are left to rot in the wetness they may wither away. The absence of air in the soil will attract moss which is again not a great thing for growing herbs, you want to feed the nutrients to the herbs and not to the moss.

The dream of an herb gardener is to cultivate a soil that is enhanced and equipped to sustain herbs seasons after seasons. For this purpose, poor soil constituents deprived from essential nutrients will not give a good crop.

If you are growing herbs in containers, you really don’t need peat moss, natural compost with soil will work great. You should not overfeed manure and fertilizers to the soil, you can get outstanding results for the herbs that are grown in not too rich soil. Besides, adding grit and gravel does a good job for rosemary and oregano.

In fact, the Mediterranean herbs love this type of soil. Remember that Italian herbs do not like too wet soil, but chives and cilantro like to grow in moisture retentive soils. Mint spreads fast and grows well in a soil that can retain moisture too.

In general, herbs have a requirement for good draining and you need to make sure that there are no wet and soggy roots. Having said that, you also need to take care of the soil and make sure that the earth does not crack of scorching sun and heat.

Soft Soil Liquid Aerator And Lawn Treatment

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✅ Best Soil Aerator to Fix Compact Soil

Really Worked – my front lawn was a mess after the long hot summer we just had. after using this product and some miracle grow fert. WOW. I could not believe the results. Even my neighbors were really impressed. 

Jiffy 36mm Peat Pellet 

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✅ Best for Seed Starting

Great Quality – These have performed as well as any I’ve ever tried.
They’re a little smaller than expected, but they get the job done.
I have to tell you, as a 50+yr old professional in the horticulture industry and gardener since I was 7, take my word for it. Peat pellets are the way to go!

Liquid Gypsum by Soil Logic

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