Best Books On Herbs And Gardening For Booklovers And Avid Gardening Researchers 2022

While there are many books on the herbs, probably running into thousands, your need of herbs can shortlist the books you need most. A list of books that interest one individual may not interest others, but if one knows what herbs one is searching for, the requirement will suffice and cater to the search. The list of books will automatically build up based on one’s motivation and enthusiasm. Also, the need to know more about them may increase depending upon one’s expertise, interest and curiosity.

My advice to the herb lovers would be to go outdoors, venture into your herb garden and grow those herbs that you want to use in cooking or prepare medicines if you love gardening.

There isn’t a single “Must Have” list for all but once you know and grow them, you will fall in love with these non woody plants.

The Herb Book: The Most Complete Catalogue of Herbs Ever Published

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✅ Best The Herb Book

Packed full of detail! – Incredible the detail and the coverage of this book, amazingly current and really informative, an excellent guide and reference that needs to be kept close by at all times .There is a lot of information packed into this 623 page book! you like the way it is organized. It covers not just medicinal uses, but culinary, fragrance, craft, dyes, – and also has a section on basic botony, cross references for common and latin name, and much more.

Do not reject a book because it is cheap, it might perhaps conclude your search and include what you are eventually seeking for. Do not also ignore a book which is highly priced, you might be surprised how little you know about herbs.

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Before purchasing a book, please take the time to go through the contents and the reviews; you would definitely get the value for the money you have invested in.


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✅ Best Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs Book

Great help with common herbal medicines – This book is perfect for beginners as well as novices. It lists the name of the plant, its uses, safety information, how to harvest and grow it, lots of color pictures and many amazing recipes that are really simple to make. Alot of the other ingredients you can find at your local whole foods store or order everything online.


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✅ Best Book The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs

Valuable Pharmacy Resource – This book should be on every pharmacy reference shelf whether it is in the corner drugstore or the hospital pharmacy. Herbal questions arise continuously in practice and very often the pharmacist does not have the information at hand. The sections in this book on pharmacological actions, clinical review, and clinical studies are especially valuable as these often do not exist in other herbal references. The information on clinical studies is displayed in a series of tables that are quick to scan yet are detailed.

Best Books on Herbs

Here is a list of books on herbs that will increase your expertise.

Medicinal Herbs -The best usage of herbs is medicinal, though we know that many herbs find their way into the kitchen because of their rich flavor and taste. People from generations have used herbs for first aid emergency needs. There are always alternative therapies that can combat ailments and minor injuries. These books should help you identify the herbs that can be used for medicine minus the side effects.


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✅ Best Book The Herb Garden for Cooks 

Good practical guide to herbs for cooking – Good condition. Nice little book with some helpful tips. This is a very good and practical guide which covers choosing , planting and growing herbs as well as using them.


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✅ Best Culinary Herbs And Spices Of The World

This book is everything it claimed to be and more – Wonderful reference book! All of van Wyk’s books are wonderfully prepared and full of great information. An excellent book. Lots of interesting information with photographs. Comprehensive, well written, and you have wanted a book like this for a long time.

Culinary herbs – Don’t limit your cooking with just 3 or 4 herbs. There are so many herbs that need to be discovered and impart unique taste to the food we eat. They improve the texture and flavour of food, they carry the essential nutrients and anti-oxidants for the body.


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✅ Best Beauty By Nature Book

Wonderful book! – Great book filled with real beauty recipes and goodness for healthy lifestyle. What a wonderful book to help you to bring out the best of natural beauty to the fore, without concern for poisoning system with man-made chemicals.


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✅ Best Herbs For Natural Beauty Book

Lots of easy to make recipes! – This book suited yourneeds for homemade recipe ideas. If you love making your own beauty products buy this book.

Herbs for Beauty – Organic and natural products have always tried to keep the highlights and benefits of using herbs for potions, face creams, oils, herbal soap and bath. Herbs are also used in beauty products for their unique aromas.There is so much to herbs than cooking and using them for as medicines. Herb facials and scrubs do wonders to the skin, they can be used for making natural deodorants and perfumes.


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✅ Best Book Your Backyard Herb Garden

An easy to follow beginner’s guide – Miranda Smith’s ‘Your Backyard Herb Garden’ is a beautiful book to browse. The photographs are helpful, but it’s the sketches of herbs and gardens that are most appealing. It’s a great book to dream through in late winter while planning a spring herb garden.


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✅ Best Book Growing & Using Herbs Successfully

Good info on planting, propagating, harvesting herbs – This book contains a lot of good basic information on growing herbs. The sections on propagation and harvesting are especially helpful. The author starts with a list of 32 herbs that she recommends for a basic herb garden, and a second list of 32 more herbs. She does give some basic information for each herb, such as the kind of soil it likes, how tall the plant will be, and so forth. Information like that is necessary for planning a garden.

Starting an Herb garden – whatever your interest in herbs has led you to this page, starting a home herb garden is the best way to have fresh herbs. Whether you want to use them in your dishes or any other purpose, there is nothing as good as herbs straight from your herb garden.


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✅ Best A Field GuideTo Edible Wild Plants Book

Excellent resource for anyone interested in edible wild plants – Excellent. Peterson’s has a well-earned reputation and maintains it with this field guide. While there are a lot of color photos, the preponderance of graphics are sketches. Strongly recommend anyone interested in learning about foraging for wild edibles to start slow, be sure and build your skills through time. The book can help you get there but you’ll have to do the walking.


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✅ Best Book The Forager’s Harvest

Good information, useful tips. – This is a book about identifying, harvesting, storing, and preparing edible wild plants; a topic receiving considerable interest in your ‘farm-to-table’ world. Thayer presents us with a masterful celebration of the enjoyment of wild foods. The author is an internationally recognized authority on edible wild plants.

Foraging the Wild Herbs – Do not discard the herbs that grow in your backyard without you actually growing them. Many local herbs and plants are edible; your wild foraging can bring out the best in woods which is untouched and pure, devoid of pesticides and toxins. If you love camping and are an adventurer, you will have to survive in nature with its vast supply albeit not all edible. The cultivated food we eat today was once a wild plant. Identifying, harvesting and preparing food in forest requires knowledge and experience. You might not want end up eating poisonous mushrooms that grow in wilderness. In addition; there is a code of conduct for foraging the wild plants and herbs, to keep the natural balance you should leave the one third of the plant to sprout again in the next season.


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✅ Best Herbs for Pets: The Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet’s Life Book

Great information for your pets, and yourself. – This is a very good reference book, and is perfect for people who are new to considering herbs for their pets. It was easy to follow, laid out in a manner where its easy to find things, and each herb is explained in the similar steps. Its certainly a great place to start and reference what you need to look into if it doesn’t have all the information you need.


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✅ Best The Nature of Animal Healing Book

A must have book for pet owners – Excellent book giving a broader view of veterinary options, for your dog or cat. It is so hard to find good vets, this book gives good guidance.

Herbs for Pets– There are literally hundreds of herbal medicines that go unexplored and unused due to our ignorance. These herbal remedies can treat common maladies with ease and patience. herbalists use the holistic approach of treating the pets who are unable to communicate their pain and suffering. A gem of these herbs can be used to cure the ailments.


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✅ Best The Encyclopedia Of Medicinal Plants Book

Well organized and beautiful inside and out – Great addition to natural health library. When buying a reference book, find a site that shows the table of contents to decide if that book has the level of detail and covers the topics you want.


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✅ Best Book The Encyclopedia Of Herbs, Spices, & Flavorings

Encyclopedia of herbs and spices – The book is a few years old but still new condition and, of course, the information doesn’t really change. You are very pleased with it. It’s full of comprehensive information on pretty well everything on herbs and spices. Excellent – if you do your own cooking and grow them.

Encyclopedia of Herbs – If you are interested in studying, researching about herbs; you might want to cover as many herbs as possible. Obviously you do not want to restrict yourself to the common herbs, you are in search of exotic, rare herbs that are hidden from the people and want to identify and use them for academic purposes.


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✅ Best Practical Handbook Of Plant Alchemy

Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy – This text reference is a comprehensive undertaking in the practical instruction to achieve absolute concentration of herb essences, using alchemical techniques/processes. The outcome of alchemical experiments amplifies the valuable essence of the original plant material through a process that includes purification and recombination. Only a small selection of common lab equipment is required, which you can typically purchase locally or online, or you may already own.


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✅ Best Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes For Vibrant Health

The Original Medicine – This book gives great information to make teas tonics, oil etc. for various ailments. Rosmary Gladstar explains what “parts” are when making any of the herbal remedies. This is a great herb book for someone who doesn’t know where to start and also for someone looking for more recipes/ideas. There is a lot of information in the book..

How to Make Herbal Salves, Tinctures etc.? – Preparing your own herbal ointments, tinctures and salves can be exciting. Once you get comfortable with the procedures, you can prepare your own decoctions without the need of buying. What’s more, you can also control the concentration and quality of the products.

Natural Healing Herbs – Perhaps you are interested in the knowledge of alternative therapies and natural healing. Discover how Chinese use their herbs for various requirements. Ayurveda also prescribes and recommends the use of healing herbs.Great book ! Has whys and wherefores and even the chemistry breakdown of each herb. Written by a Doctor. This book is not only highly informative but it is GREAT for backing up the “pros” for the arguement for herbal and alternative healing and therapeutic uses of alternative healing.


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✅ Best Book Medical Herbalism: The Science Principles And Practices Of Herbal Medicine

Excellent book from a leading medical herbalist – Great book ! Has whys and wherefores and even the chemistry breakdown of each herb. Written by a Doctor. This book is not only highly informative but it is GREAT for backing up the “pros” for the arguement for herbal and alternative healing and therapeutic uses of alternative healing.


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✅ Best Adaptogens In Medical Herbalism Book

A harmony of physiology function – Many of the herbal adaptogens are more common in Ayurvedic or Chinese herbal systems; however, this book makes them accessible in understanding how to work with them and how they may benefit someone incorporating the herbs into their health regimen. The book includes information on what is an adaptogen, how they have been well studied and used for a long time in Eastern traditions, a compendium of the adaptogenic herbs, recipes, and more.

Herbalism – Do not shut yourself from the world of possibilities, you will learn how herbalism was prevalent in ancient traditions, how Romans and Egyptians used the knowledge of herbs in practical ways.


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✅ Best Compendium Of Herbal Magick

Wonderful! – A very helpful manual for beginners and advanced practitioners. Amazing bibliographic research and good suggestions to continue your education. The product came early and the book was in excellent condition!


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✅ Best Everyday Herbs In Spiritual Life book

Information You Need – This is a nice book with lots of relevant content. If the reader is interested in exploring the world spiritually, this is a nice book. 

Herbs for Spirituality
Gardening – If you are going to kick start your herb garden, you might be venturing in a new adventure altogether. Learn about garden designs, companion plants, gardener’s tool list and many other aspects of gardening.


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✅ Best Herbal Teas: 101 Nourishing Blends For Daily Health & Vitality

Excellent and easy to follow recipes! – love this book. It’s well organized and has a number of wonderful recipes in it .If you are new to the world of Tea, or you love tea, this book can give you new and helpful ideas and insides.


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✅ Best Healing Herbal Teas: A Complete Guide To Making Delicious, Healthful Beverages

This is a great book for everyone – Brigitte Mars has written a wonderful all around guide to Herbal Teas. It has just enough information on each herb without being overwhelming. She also has a lovely, conversational writing style. You almost feel like she is your trusted friend guiding you to the info you need.

Herbs for Tea – Besides having the advantage of avoiding caffeine in coffee, herbal teas are a wonderful way of refreshing you with natural, gentle and safe remedies. There is more to tea that than just brewing, you come to know what tea is good, how was the herb used and the properties of herbs. Herbal teas can be used for bath in external usage, eye washes and beauty supplements. There are many ways to prepare the tea, other than boiling water. You can make the tea by infusing the herbs in cold water in sun or even moonlight. Herbal teas offer exciting flavours and aromas, they can be exceptional beverages.


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✅ Best The Healing Power Of Rainforest Herbs

Excellent book – This is really an excellent publication, researched thoroughly and scientifically. Easy reading, lots of in-depth information and yet technical enough as a professional reference too. Very pleased with the quality of the book and the knowledge of the author.


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✅ Best Herbal Secrets Of The Rainforest Book

Herbal Secrets of the Rainforest – This book has powerful secrets to the herbs and wonders of the rainforest. It has taught you a lot. This should be in everyone’s library.

Rainforest Herbs

Organic gardening – if you are interested in using natural and organic methods for growing herbs, these books will show you how to do it with organic farming and natural composts.

Grandma Bison’s Garde

Edible Perennial Gardening

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✅ Best Edible Perennial Gardening Book

Excellent tips for Permaculture. – A good fit with Permaculture concepts. Helpful tips throughout. Knowledgeable and easy writing style. A nice addition to the Sustainability Library.

The Organic Gardeners Handbook

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✅ Best The Organic Gardeners Handbook

Expectations exceeded – Have gardened on and off for years. This is a good book. Practical advice, basics for beginners, and methods that dive in just deep enough. Does not have crop by crop information on planting, spacing, harvesting, but that is available lots of places. Good place to start or refresh the basics plus.

The Permaculture Garden

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✅ Best The Permaculture Garden

Really readable – As a complete newcomer to permaculture ideas, which are quite complex, you found this very readable and reasonably easy to understand.

The Alternative Kitchen Garden

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✅ Best The Alternative Kitchen Garden Book

A Complete guide book – Thankfully she’s taken a different approach to the monthly/seasonal calendar one and come up with a unique guide on how to transform a garden into a productive one. Like many of us, Emma started with just a few pots, but soon realised this wouldn’t be enough for her. Today, her garden is dedicated to growing fruit and vegetables – and chickens! – with a ‘grow dome’ installed to extend the productive season and to grow her more tender crops.

The New Food Garden

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✅ Best The New Food Garden Book

Great concept and ideas! – This book not only defines many areas where food can be grown in unconventional ways, but it also gives diagrams to explain. The organized layout of this book is superb.

Gaia’s Garden, Second Edition

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✅ Best Book Gaia’s Garden: A Guide To Home-Scale Permaculture

Brilliant book, detailed but clearly explained – This book is an absolute favorite of hers and she is soaking it up like a college class! She is doing her own backyard permaculture garden. It is quite a lengthy read which is refreshing in some respects as so many gardening books are just crammed full of photographs with minimal real content.

The Resilient Gardener

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✅ Best The Resilient Gardener Book

Nice variety to this book – This is a fine book, especially if you are a gardener in the Pacific Northwest as Carol is. Carol explains clearly why gardeners need to select open pollinated varieties that are suitable for growth in the microclimate the reader lives in.

Slow Gardening

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✅ Best Book Slow Gardening: A No-Stress Philosophy For All Senses And All Seasons

A very different approach to gardening: Slow down and enjoy your garden! – Super book! Felder Rushing has the most common sense approach to gardening. There is no snobbery, no nonsense, just a very practical approach to gardening. Very good-humored reading, too. 

How to Make a Forest Garden

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✅ Best How to Make A Forest Garden Book

Very good for the British gardener starting with a forest garden – How to make a forest garden is an encyclopedic introduction to designing and maintaining a forest garden. Especially if you have a small garden, How to make a forest garden gives many interesting hints and advice. The author is a permacultures, which permeates throughout the book.

Solar Gardening

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✅ Best Solar Gardening: Growing Vegetables Year Book

Great gardening book! – This book will show you how to garden all year in any climate. It’s a great reference and certainly inspired you.

Integrated Forest Gardening

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✅ Best Integrated Forest Gardening Book

Important Addition to Any Permaculture Library – With much of the info coming directly from Permaculture, a designers manual by Bill Mollison, this book gives a simplified account of explanation of forest gardening and some permaculture techniques. It is easy to read and understand. A great book with terrific photos.

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