Benefits Of Fresh Herb Juices: Detoxing In The Summer Heat With This Smoothie Recipe 2022

Raw and fresh herbs are best because they are unprocessed and the natural nutrients do not get demolished by overheating. The benefits of herb juices are immense; they are the best warriors for the immune system of your body. They keep the body healthy and strong.

Ayurveda lists the properties of many herbs that can do wonders in the early hours of the morning. Mostly taken with an empty stomach, they are great for starting your day healthy and hearty.

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Summer is a great time to have smoothies, herb juices and cold beverages. Winter and spring season is also good time to have herbal juices. While there is never a wrong time to take herbs, one must be cautioned about the cooling or heating effects that any herb has and how to take the same herb in cold climate or warm climates.

Benefits of Using Herbs in Juices

Detoxing with Herbal Juices: Taking plenty of fluids helps to detox the body and relieves unwanted toxins that get accumulated for a long period. Herbs play an important part in cleansing the body.

My Favourite Herb Juice Recipe

  • One tomato
  • One Cucumber
  • 1 cup of mint – 50 to 100 grams
  • ½ ts Black salt
  • ½ ts Black pepper powder
  • Basil or Bishop’s weed (Ajwain herb) – 5 to 10 leaves (Optional)
  • ½ cup of Water to ease grinding – this can vary

I love my juice to be consistent and not thick. But there is no need of adding any water, if you like your juice thick. I also use lemon occasionally; this elevated the deliciousness of the juice.

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I have planted basil and Bishop’s weed in my herb garden and they are awesome when it comes to cold, cough and congestion in throat.  Usually I grind and squeeze the leaves of basil and Ajwain to get juice and mix them with honey before taking. I tried this herbal juice for 3 to 4 days and my cough and throat congestion vanished. A handful of herbs in any proportion would do.  I was also doing gargling with 2 tablets of disprin tablets in hot water to ease the throat pain. However; if you are having viral infection or flu, please consult your physician.

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