A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Herbs From Seeds: Tips And Kits You May Use 2022

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Growing herbs from seed is a great option when the herb plants are not available. Also if you have stored the seeds from your herbs in the previous season, it is possible to re-grow them in your garden during favourable climate.

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For beginners it is easier to have herbs from plants; however, if you run out of options, you can very well sow seeds. The waiting time is more but rewards await for gardeners who show patience and perseverance. Almost all herbs can be grown from seeds.

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How to grow herbs from seeds?

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While growing herb plants from seeds, ensure that you have procured seeds of a good quality plant from the nursery. Herbs can easily be grown in planter boxes, window-sill, containers, and hanging baskets. You need to monitor the requirement of water. Do not over-water them and prepare holes for proper drainage.

You can possibly sow seeds in shallow containers and then transplant them into new locations. You can either shift them in new containers indoors or plant them outdoors in favorable weather conditions. While sowing, remember not to sow them too deep in the soil. Well-drained soil is best for most of the herb seeds. Many of the herbs do not like transplanting, in such cases sow them directly in their respective locations. The category of herbs that do not do well if relocated are coriander, fennel dill, and anise herbs.

Protection of Herbs from Predators

Herbs are robust plants but you need to protect them in infancy. Few diseases and insects attack herbs but they can die due to rust, frost and dry weather. In hot, desert like climate, spider mites which are tiny and red in colour can attack low growing herbs. You might also have to save your herb plants from aphids.

Growing Herbs from Organic Seeds

Organic seeds to grow herbs are a better choice. The plants from such seeds are stronger and healthy.

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