Apartment Vegetable Garden Kit: How To Harvest From Aerogarden For Herb & Plants?

This is my guide for everything you need to know about AeroGarden before your coming purchase for plants, kits, and models

What is the Aerogarden?

In the 1990’s, I remember going to Epcot Center and seeing a tour which included an entire garden they grew using hydroponic technology–gardening without soil (and the things that come with soil, such as bugs, disease, and pollution). I remember being amazed at seeing all the vegetables and fruits they were growing.

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✅ Best Simple Growth Box

Growing herbs – Love this 3 pod Sprout. I am using it for my herbs, leaving my Harvest model for lettuce and tomatoes. I usually have a black thumb. I kill plants but AeroGarden lets me grow things successfully. And I can eat what I grow! If you just want to try it out, the Sprout is a great place to start.

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✅ Best Indoor Herb Garden Setup

 Have loved growing herbs in no “thyme” with our AeroGarden! – In all seriousness the AeroGarden has been a treat to have. It’s amazing how easy it was to set up, maintain with the digital reminders, and watch the herbs grow quickly! These photos were taken only 11 days after set up, and we already have substantial growth with no additional effort since set up. We can’t wait to start cooking with our homegrown herbs.

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✅ Best Herb Garden Care And Maintenance

Cool Kitchen Garden – The finish is really nice and the vacation mode saved my herbs over the Thanksgiving as we were gone all week! I think I am going to get another to grow tomatoes & lettuce.81 people found this helpful

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✅ Best Indoor Lighting Growth Lights

 Good grow lights that are versatile in ways to use them – These lights do come with a stand so they may be used on a countertop as well. For initial growth from seed, these units work very well. I have been using one of these units over dwarf bush tomato plants, and the plants are doing very well in both vegetative growth and production of tomatoes.

Little did I know that just 10 years later, I’d have a hydroponic garden sitting in my own apartment!

The Aerogarden gives you the ability to use hydroponics in your own kitchen. I love to cook, but one thing I always seem to need is fresh herbs. I have no outdoor space to grow a garden. At the supermarket, I can pay $2 for a package of parsley. I’ll use two tablespoons and throw out the rest.

I decided to buy an Aerogarden a few years ago. It came, as it still does now, with a free herb garden kit, which includes Italian Basil, Purple Basil, Chives, Parsley, Cilantro (or Thyme), Mint, and Dill. Within months, I harvested enough herbs to cook delicious lentil soup (parsley), fresh corn chowder (Italian basil, chives) using my own vegetable stock (parsley), Margherita pizza (Italian basil), fresh tomatoes, and basil (Italian basil, purple basil), baked potatoes with chives (chives), authentic chocolate chip mint ice cream (mint), and roasted vegetables (dill), Thai basil chicken (basil) and lots and lots of pesto (basil).

I was so thrilled with the Aerogarden that I decided to purchase three more! You can follow my Aerogarden adventures in this session.

Aerogarden Models

Having followed Aerogarden and AeroGrow (the company that makes Aerogardens) for several years, one thing their marketing department seems to always be struggling with is how to name their different units. I mean, who has the time and patience to figure out what the heck an Aerogarden Classic Elite Deluxe Pro Veggie 6 Extra Plus Garden is?

Never fear–below, I’ve written the names and descriptions of each of the current models, along with a link directly to the Aerogarden Store where you can buy one for yourself and dive into the world of hydroponics…

Aerogardens for Growing Herbs

AeroGarden 7 (7 Pod)

Also called the Original AeroGarden, AeroGarden Classic

This is the unit that started it all. It comes in black (pictured), White, or Silver to coordinate with your kitchen appliances.

The saying “just add water” applies here. Everything else is included: seven seed pods, the sunlight (provided through two flourescent bulbs and a timer system), the plant food (provided through a supply of nutrient-rich tablets), and even a recipe book for cooking with your herbs. You’ll just have to spend about 5 minutes a month taking care of it, and enjoying harvest after harvest of crops.

You can buy other seed kits for plants that grow to a maximum of about 21 inches before being harvested, including basil, lettuce, gourmet herbs, chili peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

This unit weighs about 15 pounds, and takes up counter space of 18.5 inches (length) x 10 inches (width) x 15-21 inches (height).

WHO SHOULD GET IT: Those who just want to grow herbs or small plants and don’t need the advanced user-friendly interface of the Aerogarden Ultra.

AeroGarden 3 – Black (3 Pod)

If you’re really constrained for space or only need a few herbs from time to time, the AeroGarden 3 is a unit that uses only three pods and is about the size of a coffee maker. The unit comes in black, and also in a ton of other colors, including Blue, Pink, Yellow, Lime, Red, or shaped like a LadyBug.

It comes with seed pods for basil, thyme, and chives, is about the size of a coffee maker, and is as cute as a button to boot. It’s 9.5 inches long and 11 inches wide, with a height of 14 inches.

WHO SHOULD GET IT: Those who only need one or two types of herbs, don’t have a lot of room in their kitchen, or have a young person in your life they want to teach about gardening (and get them to grow you a ton of fresh herbs!), all for less than the price of a video game.

Aerogardens for Growing Vegetables

AeroGarden Extra (Tall AeroGarden)

formerly Aerogarden Deluxe, VeggiePro, Aerogarden Elite 6 Plus

This model of the AeroGarden is for serious indoor gardeners. It uses three deluxe full-spectrum growth bulbs and is larger than the classic AeroGarden unit, measuring 18 inches by 10.5 inches, with a height of anywhere from 16.5 to 34 inches!

The larger height means this unit can accomodate full-size crops, including full-size heirloom tomatoes, mega cherry tomatoes (included), or sweet bell peppers, all available for purchase at the AeroGarden store. You can even grow regular AeroGarden herb or flower pods and yield many more crops due to the much taller height and the improved lighting.

WHO SHOULD GET IT: Anyone who wants to grow big, rich herbs and vegetables indoors.

AeroGarden Ultra

This is the newest and in my opinion the best of the best AeroGarden ever–and this is from someone who’s owned six different AeroGardens in my day. You can read my in-depth review of my Ultra’s unboxing on the blog. Bottom line, it goes back to supporting seven seed pods, expands vertically to the same reach as the Aerogarden Extra, has improved lighting and better oxygenation and germination, and has a fantastically designed control panel that makes all the things that were complicated (and annoying) about the AeroGarden in the past ridiculously simple. This is one I’d highly recommend.

WHO SHOULD GET IT: Anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of keeping track of feedings and waterings, and who wants to grow the biggest, richest herbs and vegetables indoors.

nt), and roasted vegetables (dill), thai basil chicken (basil) and lots and lots of pesto (basil).

I was so thrilled with the Aerogarden that I decided to purchase three more! You can find my aerogarden adventure in this session.

Herb Kits

No matter what kind of cuisine you cook, Aerogarden has great kits! Most of them will be able to be harvested as early as 3 week, and last for at least 4-5 months.

Each kit costs about $20 each, and pay for themselves after the first two harvests (the same amount of fresh herbs you can get in just one harvest costs anywhere from $5-10 in a supermarket). The toughest part will be deciding which kit to grow!

Herbs and Veggies


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