Amazing Health Benefits Of Thyme Essential Herbal Oil: Properties And Products

Recent research and studies have indicated hope from herbal oils that have antibacterial properties. The benefits of thyme oil cannot be underestimated, its anti-inflammatory property has seemed to cure acne and thwart infection.

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Oil extracted from thyme herb was known to destroy mosquito larvae and being anti-mildew. Used for its fragrance it was an essential commodity for making soaps and perfumes.

Pharmaceutical companies and herbalists have used this medicinal herb for treating many minor ailments. Although research in this direction is not as advances as allopathic drugs, people are more open to alternative and natural remedies today. However; precautions are necessary and medical practitioners and physicians have to be consulted if you have any allergic symptoms and history of chronic diseases.

Thyme Oil

Alka-Thyme Mouthwash, 16 oz, Heritage Products

Alka-Thyme Mouthwash

Alka-Thyme Mouthwash

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Now Foods Thyme Oil White 1 OZ

Thyme (White) Essential Oil

Thyme (White) Essential Oil

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Value for money – Frankincense Essential Oil is a delicate aromatic oil that helps the stretch marks treatment. Applied 2-5 drops of Frankincense essential oil to a diffuser to calm the mind and improve mental health for your postpartum anxiety. Added a few drops to your daily skin care products to help tighten pores and brighten skin.

Thyme – Creeping

Medicinal Uses and Benefits of Thyme

One can find this popular herb in medicinal uses since the ancient period. Benefits if thyme were known for a long time to Greeks and Romans. Europeans especially in the Mediterranean regions have used thyme in many of its culinary dishes.

The delicious, aromatic herb thyme is used for medicinal purposes since the ancient civilizations discovered its potential benefits. It has inspired many poets and Rudyard Kipling has praised thyme in the poem “Sussex”. A county in England now divided into East and West Sussex is the region the poet was talking about. The beautiful country side can still witness many thyme herbs and the presence of beautiful aroma.

Only our close-bit thyme that smells
Like dawn in Paradise.

Poet: Rudyard Kipling

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