All You Need To Know about Foraging & Growing Edible Wild Herbs: Handbook For The Wild And Curious 2021

I remember foraging the wilderness for edible wild herbs when I was a kid. Not that I knew what was growing, I just loved picking and tasting wild fruits. Now there are neither woods nor meadows that grow wild food. All that green cover and what was left of the forest is gone.

My earliest memories of rummaging the nature was in the wilderness of a village, we would find lemongrass that grew in the wild and use it for making tea. To this day, I could not forget the delicious flavor of lemon and earthy herbal flavor.


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✅ Best Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook

Detailed and comprehensive – This is the perfect book for someone who is just getting into foraging and doesn’t know very much. The drawings are so easy to compare to real-life plants. Descriptions and detailed drawings for every part of the plant in every season include exactly what parts are edible and when.

In fact, if you are lucky to live in a zone where you can get down the car, walk down a mile and get hold of wild flowers and shrubs that are edible. However nothing stops you from getting those wild herbs in your backyard.

You are ensured to a delicious meal that is wild in taste and yet completely different to what you are accustomed to. For instance, the wild plants growing in your garden might be right where you can forage the wild food.


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✅ Best Book Backyard Foraging: 65 Familiar Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

Great for a New Forrager – This book is absolutely amazing! The author provides all the information you need to identify and use wild plants, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, trees, berries, fruits, etc. Each plant has several photos for identification and the author also describes each plant in written detail too.

As for those invasive weeds, don’t call them weeds, it is disrespectful you see. You might be actually looking at some medicinal herb for all that you know. Native plants are better because they have more nutrition, besides they are not genetically modified by humans. In its natural form, these herbs are the purest and 100% more potent where they grow in a complete eco-friendly natural eco-system.

Guidelines for Foraging Wild Herbs

Here are some guidelines that you need to follow till you become an expert in identifying those herbs that magically appeared in your garden and you are definite that you did not plant them –

  • Do not remove the local plants considering and calling them weeds. They are best acclimatized to grow in the local climate where you are planning to cultivate foreign plants.
  • In order to help these wild herbs survive the next season, never take more than one third of the plant. Leave it to grow, do not uproot the entire herb plant.
  • Do not forage on the roadside, the plants contain chemicals and fumes from the vehicles that pass on the road. Instead, go a bit deeper and look for healthy and clean herbs.
  • Do not consume the wild herbs until you have identified the herb and are sure that it is not poisonous.
  • Educate yourself by reading and identifying wild herbs.

Cultivating Wild Herbs

Dandelion, nettle, plantain, evening primrose and many other herbs that used to thrive in wilderness is grown now in farms. There is every chance that while foraging your garden you might come across them. How do you prevent chaos in your garden beds destined for vegetables or flowers?


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✅ Best Near East Wild Mushrooms & Herb Couscous Mix

“Near East” brand tabbouleh is the BEST! – It’s easy enough to go to the bulk section and prepare this mix for pennies. But, buying it in the box pre-mixed with spices is a convenient and easy way to for and probably most people to make this delicious and healthy middle eastern salad.



Let these herbs grow in pathways and borders where they are easy to harvest. In time you can develop some weed friendly strategies and allow plenty of space for both cultivated food and wild herbs.

Many of us are accustomed to package foods nowadays but in good olden days people used to depend upon forests for food. These edible wild plants provided all the nutrients and nourishment which was natural and devoid of any genetic modification.

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An Evergreen Edible Wild Herb Garden


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✅ Best Roland Foods Dried Mixed Wild Mushrooms

Great value, good pantry staple – The flavor and fragrance is amazing. Package is too big, too generous for a small or average household. Need smaller package options. Ingredients are great, tasty, and perfect for recipes. Adds a wonderful depth of flavor to sauces, stews, stock, and pretty much anything savory.


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✅ Best OliveNation Premium Wild Mushroom Mix

Great value. Definitely recommend – This exceeded your expectations. If you want to enjoy the best wild mushroom soup ever use this mix instead of just one variety of mushroom .100% ordinary and extremely concentrated natural rose extract .Great value. Definitely recommend.



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