Aerogarden Pod Replacement For Peppers & Lavender Herb Garden

Thought I’d share with you my Aerogarden peppers.

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 Have loved growing herbs in no “thyme” with our AeroGarden! – In all seriousness the AeroGarden has been a treat to have. It’s amazing how easy it was to set up, maintain with the digital reminders, and watch the herbs grow quickly! These photos were taken only 11 days after set up, and we already have substantial growth with no additional effort since set up. We can’t wait to start cooking with our homegrown herbs.

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It looks like only the red peppers are blooming; the other surviving pepper plant isn’t bearing any fruit, possibly because the red peppers are getting so big and sucking up all the water and nutrients. I find that the plant is sucking up water so fast that it’s bone dry even before the “Add Water” light lights up, and the plant starts to wilt. Which is scary because I’m never sure if the plant has wilted beyond the point where it can come back.

I’ve already harvested a handful of the peppers, chopped them, and used them in some stir-fry dishes. They are really, really spicy, which I love. Let’s hope this lasts!

In other news, the lavender plants are doing very, very well.

Still not quite like the purple fields of lavender I saw in Washington, but I figure there’ll get there eventually. Although I still am at a loss to figure out what to do with them once I start harvesting them.

The grow-your-own-herbs are a different story.

As you can see, the basil seeds have sprouted amazingly well, not a surprise given my past experience with basil. The parsley is doing quite well too. And the thyme is slow to come up, but one little plant just came up.

On the negative side, the oregano and one of the thymes are having issues. With the oregano, I saw tiny little plants start to appear, but then they seemed to just die away, leaving behind some fuzz which I assume is mold of some kind. The other thyme did the same thing, which is weird because the seeds were exactly the same as the first thyme (let me just say a “no pun intended” for the whole post and get it over with :P). I’m not sure why these two pods just failed to grow. But luckily, I still have two “leftover” pods from the beginning, so I’ll probably eventually replace these underperforming pods with those.

Now to find a recipe that uses basil, parsley, thyme, and lavender…hmm….

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