3 Ways Of Adding Herbs To Make The Perfect Breakfast 2021: Healthy, Flavourful And Full Of Choices

Starting your day with an herb-infused breakfast is the best way to add strength and immunity to the body for a long stressful day. There are many delicious ways of inculcating herbs in the breakfast other than drinking bitter juices and weird concoctions.

Herbal Infusions and Herb Teas for Breakfast

Herbal teas have the good benefits of having antioxidants. Any herbal tea is good enough, you can start with green tea or a delicious cup of hibiscus flavored tea. This goes without saying that lemon balm, basil, and many other herbs impart a unique flavor to the tea. You can replace coffee with herbal teas, they do not have caffeine content especially if you are drinking only the infused herbs and not using the traditional tea leaves.

The Oarsmens Breakfast

My father drinks aloe-vera juice and gooseberry juice in the morning. My diabetic friends drinks bitter gourd juice mixed with gooseberry or Black Jamun (Jamun or Jamblang is an Indian fruit whose scientific name is Eugenia Jambolana).

I love fresh herbs and I love using them in my breakfast dishes. There are so many herbs to play around, and there are plenty of dishes to try adding a zing of flavor by using wither fresh or dry herbs. I usually use basil, cilantro and mint in my breakfast, but you can use any herb that you like. Rosemary and thyme give unique zest and so do borage and sage. I usually have herbs that yield the year round, mint and basil being common.

If you want to combine 2 or more herbs, follow the scent with your olfactory senses, if it feels right to your nose, it is likely that the dish will taste good too. Add citrus and balsamic vinegar to raise the zest of the recipes. Whether it is muffin, biscuits or pudding, herbs can elevate the taste to a new height.

Breakfast of Herbs

Eggs are awesome for breakfast; they can be cooked easily and fast. When you are short of time and recipe, they come to your rescue. I love adding herbs to eggs, one of my favourite egg omelette comes with tomatoes and coriander. Another recipe comes with freshly snipped rosemary and a generous amount of cream cheese. To make a soft scrambled egg mixed with rosemary that melts like chocolate in your mouth, add the creamy cheese at the end

Prepare a mushroom omelette and sprinkle fresh dill or oregano with bread crumbs to make a traditional breakfast exotic and scrumptious.

You can also use the garden paprika coming straight from your garden to make lip smacking dishes. They come in both sweet and hot flavours. Putting some grounded nutmeg in your bread pudding makes it extremely mouthwatering, try adding parsley or tarragon in your veggies and salads, they taste gorgeous in quiches and frittata too.

Mix and match herbs for your breakfast. Try using basil and rosemary in your tomato soup, parsley and chives in the cheese omelet.

Mix cumin powder, coriander powder, and chili powder in wholegrain flour to come out with a delicious folded tortilla or freshly baked bread infused with the flavor of herbs. Eat it with cheddar cheese and enjoy your breakfast with a new twist of herbs.

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